Open Letter To H.E. President John Mahama: So Who Chewed The Meat, Right Down To The Bone?


wpid-Prez-Mahama.jpgMa Guy:

I couldn?t help but be struck by aspects of your last State of the Nation Address. The part where you complained that the meat had been chewed right down to the bone was interesting. You followed that up with another complaint that you were having sleepless nights because of the on-going erratic power outages.

Frankly Johnny Boy ( you say you are youthful so I hope you don?t mind me referring to you as? such) whenever I hear you cry like this, my first wonder is whether you understand your job description as President of this country at all? I worry about this very much.

Indeed I got the first inkling about this incapacity of yours, when you said at the last IEA presidential debate that appointing the Vice- President as the Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission will be tantamount to politicizing the institution. Ironically, all the people you were on the platform with, just like you, were politicians and were seeking the political mandate of the people to take charge of their purse and manage it efficiently. In fact this is what political power is all about, and that is why you are president ? to effectively manage the monies and wealth we generate.

You see, as President of Ghana, the 25 million of us have entrusted our ultimate decision making powers in your hands. Every day we work and toil to make life meaningful and of the meager monies we make, we contribute some into one basket which we give to you to decide on how best to apply the monies to our benefit; you know, like a co-operative society. So when we come to you with complains, you don?t complain back! You provide solutions. That?s your job.

By logic therefore, Johnny Boy, you are the final authority and determinant when it comes to how our monies are utilized. Please, don?t complain to me about meatless bones.

Indeed, your 2013 budget statement, as presented on your behalf by Finance Minister Seth Tekpey, indicates that you run a budget deficit in the year 2012 alone, to the tune of GH?8.7billion, while ?within just 4 years, increasing our debt from ?9billion at end December 2008 to a whooping GH?33.5 billion.

Ma Guy, how could you have incurred so much debt within? such a short period, and overspent to such historical heights, only to turn around and tell us that the meat has been chewed right down to the bone? With nothing to show?

By the way, what did you use these monies for? For instance, I am reliably informed that between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and NADMO, you authorized and oversaw the overspending of GH?600million just in the last quarter of year, 2012. This is equivalent to monies you earmarked for SADA over a 4 year period but failed to deliver. So what did you use the money for?

Charlie, hundreds of lives have been lost on the N1 Highway, partly due to construction defects, or should I say due to the incompletion of the mother project. Yes, the mother project includes the total of seven interchanges of which only two were constructed. This accounts for the seemingly wrong citing of the foot bridges. Costing about $15million each, we were hoping you would at least use some of your windfall from oils proceeds to continue the good work started by President Kufuor and have the extra 5 interchanges constructed. After all they would have cost around $80million, something your NADMO overspending alone could have catered for. Instead you have spent our monies in areas we know not, and done things with it, only you can see; today you are crying that the meat we gave you to guard has been chewed right down to the bone. So I ask again, Johnny Boy, who chewed the meat?

Ma Guy, the erratic power outages we are experiencing is largely because of your refusal to use some of the monies we generate to buy crude oil to power our generators. You have also supervised the procurement of inferior spare parts for our utility service providers and this is leading to frequent machine breakdown.

Jo, only recently it had to take the threat of the Christian Health Council to deny NHIS card holders, medical attention before you could scrape some resources to pay your debt to them. That is even after the loss of some lives. Currently pupils are being sent home because of their inability to pay school fees yet you deceived them with laptops so they can join in your chorus of edey bee k3k3. After reposing their trust in you to guard and guide them into a bright future, you are back to tell us that the meat has been chewed right down to the bone. Who chew am?

By the way, are you aware that whilst NADMO alone overspent to the tune of GH?300million within the last quarter of 2012, your total budget for education infrastructure this year 2013, including the construction of 50 community non-boarding Schools, removal of schools under trees, and provision of 10 colleges of education, amounts to a paltry GH?324million?


I could go on and on but I am confident that at this juncture you get the point. The issue is not so much about monies we are generating, as it is about how you are wasting our sweat and toil.


The way we continue to pay our taxes, the way you are not hesitant to imprison some of us if we fail to do so, the way you have ring-fenced your brother Ibrahim, to misappropriate our SSNIT contributions, the way you dey take wanna monies pay dubious judgement debts, Charlie, the way times are getting unbearably hard, while you insultingly urge us to twist our jaws and say ?edey be k3k3, I tell you, we are very pissed!


But Bro, we have taken it calm; we have taken it cool, because we know that the battle is the Lord?s. We know that the voice of the majority is the voice of God, and when some corrupt election manipulating contractors try to suppress the will of God, they should know that they are courting his wrath. We are confident however, that the ?House of Reasoning, Fairness and Justice?; yes, the SUPREME COURT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA will rule in our favour and NANA ADDO DANKWAH AKUFO-ADDO OF THE NPP, WILL BE THE DECLARED PRESIDENT. AMEN!


Ma Guy, as for the meat you have chewed ?rough rough? and today you are complaining that it?s left with the bone, I can assure you of this one thing: YOU GO VOMIT AM, K3K3!!


H.E., I go chill for now.





PS: Why, your official residential address too you no dey fit decide en address? Ha ba!

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