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Open Letter to Rescue the boys and beyond

Wpid Letter

Pre-purchase, free loan to Satisfaction, or get them at half price, or free.


Dear President, Minister, Permanent Secretary, and whom it may concern,


Certain offers and opportunities exist to gauge your level of care in the History books and before the Lord of the universe. If I was offering your country or ministry one thousand transformative needed vehicles that you can pre-purchase, take as loan, plus the guarantee of fifty to hundred percent refund depending on level of satisfaction, then you will likely call me asap, accept the offer, and thank me in which many ways? Well, a similar offer is what I am making, except as books. I have written a special Quhr-aahn called Juts Quhr-aahn designed to teach people Arabic Quhr-aahn within three to twelve months. If it sounds good to you, then ask yourself how can you help towards verifying such a fact or blessing, or will you indifferently wait for me to struggle, or others to lead and you follow by when?


The book is ready to be verified and tested on students and beyond. If about one thousand of your Quhr-aahnic teachers access it; verify it is one hundred percent accurate,  or have under one percent rectifiable errors; then the transformative new teaching techniques of the Quhr-aahn will be verified. Although I am highly proud of the book compare to every other written Quhr-aahn, about seventy five percent of my clear advantages are in the features and techniques that are yet to be unveiled.


Your tasks:

 1. Study The free Sample I may attach or you can search through: ‘Juts Quhr-aahn: A leap for humankind and Super Leap for Muslims’. If you rate it anywhere around ninety percent, then assume it can reach one hundred percent with little more collaboration you should not wait others on.

 2.  Pre-purchase or I can loan you up to a thousand books with reasonable conditions. Have your teachers verify and report any error to you and me. Even ten minor errors will qualify you to get it for fifty percent discount and keep the books; or if there are intolerable errors of about one percent, then you get up to one hundred percent refund.

 3. You can pre-purchase through Timbooktoo bookshop or me, by whatsapp +220 3787 999


Once you access the book, you will likely believe; or you may submit once I appear on TV with techniques upon techniques. If you think your rich or poor state cannot help print even one thousand books as risk free R&D, then a simple letter of interest from you can help me convince my richer families and others to help fund the first print and loan you the books. Accordingly, please reply within a week. This book is life saving in every literal sense, because poor boys are getting sick and dying everyday through traditional learning of the Quhr-aahn. Since God is rescuing through me, I expect caring officials, caring rich folks, and others to reasonably partner up with me.


In respect of your precious time, I do not want to lengthen this historic opened letter, but I am  open to any question you may have. I thank you in advance and am expecting a cooperative response from you, personally and officially.




Jarga K. Gigo


Note: Although I will try to deliver this letter to the officials in different countries, I am appealing to media houses to see the probable public benefit and publish it for historical records. By when did government act and types of offers were rejected on and beyond the book of the century?  Beside media houses, I appeal to the general Public to forward it and share it on social media. The problem of these roaming boys for Quhr-aahn should be a concern to even caring atheists, and we must see it as collective responsibility to get them from that route, get them into conventional schools, teach them the Quhr-aahn+ at much faster pace, help avert terrorism+, etc. Since God is helping through me, let us appreciate and avoid forwarding excuses. This offer is to every state, not just the Gambia. If Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana, Bissau, etc happens to response before the Gambia government and business folks; God and the History books will note it, and hint us if a rising Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or xyz was offering a great offer, which officials+ will use their minds to collaborate or find excuses as never non-pioneers. Some may want bribe, but such should not call me. I am giving a sweeter deal to the Governments than the general public, because it can greatly save lives if governments accept good, quickly. A big chunk of their own teachers testifying positively will force them to act, add it to their curriculum. I will recommend government to distribute sets of one third of these books to government public schools teachers+, Arabic leaning private schools, and elite non-arabic leaning schools for diverse gauging and response. However, I urge private schools not to wait for government on any good, beyond this offer.

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