Open Letter To The President On Inquiry Into Rot Activities Of CEPS Officials At The Tema Habour

Photo taken on May 30, 2022 shows the Suzhong international terminal of the Rugao port in east China's Jiangsu province. (Photo by Xu Congjun/People's Daily Online)
Photo taken on May 30, 2022 shows the Suzhong international terminal of the Rugao port in east China's Jiangsu province. (Photo by Xu Congjun/People's Daily Online)

Fixing The Country Part Seventeen –Open Letter To The President On An Inquiry Into Rot Activities Of Ceps Officials And Importers/Exporters At The Tema Habour

20th August 2022
Dear Mr President of Ghana,

This is a follow up to my letter to you dated 18 August 2022 titled ‘’Fixing the Country Part 16 – An Open Letter to the President for the stoppage of anti-investment matters to wit actions against national development’’. Sir, it was categorically stated in my submission that the Pull Him Down (PHD) syndrome which manifested or emanated in both the AFRC and PNDC regimes, which should be regarded as part of the woes of this great nation in the past is threatened to rear its ugly head in our body politics and this need to be halted to ensure the rapid development of this Country.

Sir, a recent matter of public concern, is the amateur investigation report of the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) on an alleged Commission of Corruption and Corruption-Related Offences involving Labianca and CEPS but seemingly a secret agendum to destroy the name of an astute business woman, the target of a machination scheme.

Sir Labianca is a limited liability Company formed in 2014, which should be dealt as such but the amateur investigator(s) in the OSP decided to attack the personality of Lady Eunice Asomah-Hinneh, an astute businesswoman, designated in the report as the owner of the Company, with the secret aim of assassinating the moral fiber of Lady Eunice Asomah-Hinneh because of her status in the public domain and supposedly, the story that she is one of your associates. Hence, an accusation of conflict of interest was levelled against her (Lady Eunice Asomah-Hinneh), a member of the Council of State of Ghana. So, without a good cause, she and others designated as simple witnesses in a preliminary investigation were hurriedly threw into the court of public opinion, in which a miss-informed jury bought the propaganda and ran amok with it and smeared the hard won honuorable personality of Lady Eunice Asomah-Hinneh, who is an accomplished/astute and honest Stateswoman and businesswoman.

Sir, Lady Eunice Asomah-Hinneh, an astute businesswoman with moral fiber and a member of the Council of State, needs the protection of her dear country or compatriots and a potential person for decoration with national honours for her invaluable contributions in the Service Sector of the National Economy, with the provision of both direct and indirect employment for over thousands of people at the Upstream, Side Stream/Middle Stream (Supply Chain) and the Downstream (eateries/Chop bars/Consumers etc). Cry Her Beloved Country which is enduring hard times and seeking and praying for both foreign and local investors to help raise more revenue due to the failure of a regressive tax on MoMo transactions to raise the expected or needed revenue as well as for the provision of employment to absorb the large gang of unemployed graduates and reduce poverty in the country. Hence, her dignity as in Section (1) of Article 15 of the 1992 Constitution must be inviolable.

Sir, as stated, a careful study of the report of the preliminary investigation clearly revealed that the opinion and conclusion made by the Special Prosecutor which were based on the findings of the report of an incompetent investigation were totally bogus and wicked (destructive/wrong) and must be thrown into the dustbin may be by a Court of Competent jurisdiction. Sir, the publication of the report in both the hard and soft media, made some CSOs and some intelligentsias in their usual brand of profiting from alleged perception of corruption, a good enterprise, rushed in their attempt to compete for public space in the spread of propaganda (falsehood) and thus woefully failed to study the report carefully when the OSP blew the whistle at the start line when the report was put in the public domain. So, they ran amok in a race in the character assassination as well as for calling for the resignation or dismissal of a very honorable lady from the membership of the Council of State, simply because among others of an allegation that she is one of your closed supporters (associates).

Sir, it very unfortunate that with the exception of Lady Dr Hanna Louisa Bissew of the NDC (Sir, join me to salute her, because she deserved an honour from the citizenry), who despite her NDC membership and with the knowledge of an allegation that Eunice is one of your party women or associates, rather decided as a godly lady to boldly come out to defend her fellow female person whilst other loquacious women like her, who have been shouting on top of the rough about gender balance and equality in every area with the exception on a bed, failed to study the issues but they rather preferred to join the race of thou holier persons and ran amok with a bogus report in the race for the spread of the falsehood which was orchestrated by allegedly wicked men to destroy one of them (womenfolk), a woman of substance. (Cry her Beloved Country).

Sir, as stated somewhere, which will be proclaimed later, I joined the Military to help check the Pull Him Down (PHD) Syndrome which manifested initially in the era of AFRC junta which saw the late Col Roger Felli, a Senior Military Officer with high moral fiber who earlier on in 1979 refused a bribe from a Contractor by name Alhaji Dalandi of Bolga fame and caused the arrest and prosecution of the said Contractor. Unfortunately, this very Senior Military Officer with moral fiber, was ironically (unreasonably) executed (murdered) by firing squad in 1979 by the AFRC junta, simply because he honestly applied to his bankers for and was granted a loan. A loan amount which was allegedly lower than what was offered to him as a bribe, about a month before he was murdered by some dishonorable citizens who later became most corrupt persons.

Sir, I still maintain the same vein and I derive more strength and motivation from some of the provisions of the 1992 Constitution. So, I wish to add that the actions of the OSP which destroyed the hard won reputations of Lady Eunice Asomah-Hinneh and others, who were simply Witnesses for the preliminary investigation into an issue of mere allegation, despite that their names were thrown into the public domain thus created a lucrative opportunity for people to run amok with the case and established a Court of public opinion, in which the jury assassinated the hard won dignities of the Witnesses, was an act also deemed to be unconstitutional, since it is a violation of Section (1) of Article 15 of the 1992 Constitution, which deals with the inviolability of the dignity of all persons, hence the Respect for Human Dignity.

So, as affirmed in the Presidential Oath, you, the President of Ghana are at all times required to dedicate yourself to the service and wellbeing of the people of the Republic of Ghana and to do right to all manners of persons. Hence, I wish to bring to your notice of a matter of public interest concerning a massive rots at the Tema Port involving some CEPS officials and Importers/Exporters and which resulted in a damage of the name of a dignified member of the Council of State in the person of Lady Eunice Asomah-Hinneh. Sir, the nefarious acts at the Tema Port has culminated in the nation not getting sufficient revenue for national development and for that reason caused the Finance Minister to come out with the regressive tax on MoMo transactions which he coined as E-levy and thus highly opposed by the citizenry and caused and is causing very low monthly returns than as expected thus contributed greatly in the scoring of the worst credit rating in the history of this Country. The buck stop with the President, so please do not join the public like the late President Mills in lamenting on the rot matters at the Tema Port which is of public interest, so please act with alacrity per the requirements of the 1992 Constitution on any matter of public interest.

Sir, as result of the disclosure of the details of the report of the preliminary investigation from the OSP, unpalatable words were made by some people against the Council of State especially the reputation of a member of the Council by name Lady Eunice Asomah-Hinneh, who is a dignified member of the Council, but a victim of machination scheme by some officials of CEPS and importers/exporters at the Tema Port and need to be restored by law, so this should be of concern to the State, hence urgent need to file writs of certiorari at a competent Court for a court process to seek judicial review of the decision of the OSP, which is a government agency.

Best regards


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