Open Letter to the rest of the Citizenry of Ghana

Mahama And Gyakye Quayson X
Mahama And Gyakye Quayson X

Fellow Nationals once again let me quote, Chapter 23 of Exodus in the Holy Bible, which teaches on ethical matters, so it warns us at Exodus 23.1 that ‘Thou shall not raise a misinformation or false report’ and at Exodus 23.2 that ‘You must not follow the multitude to do evil by twisting the truth’. So in the fixing the Country agenda, the truth must prevail, so that we work hard to change our attitude, among others by inculcating a sense of Patriotism, Honesty, Discipline and sense of critical thinking, the parameters as the game changer for this nation, hence this submission.

Fellow Citizens, so, please join me to say well done to the electorates at the Assin North Constituency for teaching the current NPP Administration, a very big lesson for their arrogant posture, insensitiveness and lack of proper thinking in the governance of this Country.

The bye election in the Assin North Constituency has once again disclosed our President’s failure to appreciate things in the Country, so that he can out with good policies, words of encouragements and or gauge the psyche and economic conditions of the people before making an important national statements or actions that have to do with need for empathy with his people as the President of Ghana and the citizens lust you may say greed for more
Folks, let me cite three points to help my drive point on how empathy for others is good for national cohesion or social fabric or community development. The first point is on Small Scale Mining. The President of Ghana’s first disaster is related to lack of empathy for the operators in the time tested artisanal mining related with Small Scale Mining, in his first four months in Office, when he took over on
07 January 2017.

This was his failure to appreciate the problem in the Mining Sector as Small Scale Mining as the nation’s enemy. That is like what people say a decorated donkey is still a donkey, so no matter the situation, as leader, he should have known upon effected risks assessment that Small Scale Mining will continue to be basically an informal sector because it is characterized to be nomadic and conducted by millions of poor or rural people using rudimentary tools for survival or livelihoods and therefore regard their operations as God gift for them to escape from their misery of poverty.

so Our President needs to be informed that Small Scale Mining will always connote irresponsible mining or irresponsible mining is associated with Small Scale Mining which in economics encompasses Galamsey and therefore Galamsey is synonymous with Small Scale Mining, so criminalizing Galamsey in the fight against illegal mining and going far to put his presidency on the line was not the best. Understanding the situation would have made him to understand that Ghana has the two sector in the Mining Industry namely the large Scale Mining with investment more than 50milion dollars s pertain to member mining Companies of the Ghana Chamber of Mine and the Small Scale Mining Sector which we wrongly grouped the Artisanal Miners or Galamsey operators with mechanized Small Scale Mining Companies.

The best is creating a Medium Scale Mining Sector for the Ghanaian tycoons and navigate all of them from the Small Scale Mining Sector to the Medium Scale Mining Sector for them to work with almost similar Regulations as for the large Scale Mining Companies but with lower capital or cash threshold than for the for the large Scale Mining Companies and far above that for the Small Scale Mining Sector. The operators in the Small Scale Mining Sector must note be allowed with sophisticated technology, no use of substantial amount, no use of explosives and must be one in Cooperatives or Community Mining with credible leadership to be made liable for any faults.

As stated Small Scale Mining Sector should be regarded s disaster so that the State in works effectively through a combination measures including politically through Alternative Livelihood Projects, Militarily through eviction and to ensure orderliness where permissible, Psychologically, Socially through the support of associated Corporate bodies especially the Large Scale Mining Companies etc, o by this the Country my court the support of friendly nations or International Communities to bring the risk associated with Small Scale Mining to the barest minimum.

The activities of Small Scale Miners (Galamsey operators) have cross border or better still a global ramification so they just need empathy by the Government, relevant corporate institution especially the Large Scale mining Companies and the International Communities in harnessing them to bring the risk associated with Small Scale Mining to the barest minimum.
The vote in the recent Bye Election provides a lot of lessons to the politicians especially from both the NDC and NPP political parties stable. Among others the issues of sympathy and the combination of both sympathy and the notion or the cry that we (citizen) want more (Oliver Twist) development and cash, so in that quest more bye elections not associated death or ill health will be regarded as a very good omen, for them to make more money and development. Some of you may say element of greed comes into play.

Second point Issues of Sympathy vote in the election
Before I progress let me say that depending how it is managed, sympathy vote works greatly in every Country. one of the first ones if not the first in my earlier time in the 20th century was the bye election in Chiana Paga Constituency when Clement Kubindiwor Tedam for short CK Tedam who won the seat in this Constituency was a seating Hon Member of Parliament of the stable of the Progress Party in the second Republic associated with the mono regime of Dr Busia.

He was disqualified by the Supreme Court (then the Appeal Court) of Ghana from further seating as Member of Parliament because he was a Member of Parliament in the One Party State regime of the CPP effective 1964. The opposite party then had a very seasoned lawyer who contested in the1969 election at this Constituency but was defeated by a narrow margin by Hon Mr CK Tedam (note male CK Tedam).

To regain the seat, the Progress Party strategized and shopped for a person who can get them sympathy vote for CK Tedam by beating our strong but recycled or repeated candidate from the CCP line in the March 1970 Bye Election. Because the CPP was proscribed, the CPP members were then aligned to the National Alliance of Liberals (NAL) Party with KA Gbedmah as our leader. As stated our party NAL was an offshoot of the proscribed CPP. The Progress Party found a very young, very beautiful and very solid Primary School teacher in Bolgatanga, bearing the same name CK Tedam (Catherine Katuni Tedam, the niece of Clement K Tedam) and elected as their Candidate for their Campaign and the election due to the candidates it was called the Northern Contest.

So in the Northern Contest held in March 1970 (a bye election) in the Second Republic, this very novice or common teacher who stood on the ticket of the Progress Party, against our old man boogie, a very seasoned lawyer won the election by a landslide victory. There was dead silence in the NAL (CPP) Camp. We could not believe that a common teacher novice in politics could beat a seasoned Lawyer with massive political experience. So, as usual of the Ghanaian Politicians our leaders comforted us by accusing the magnificent Catherine and the Government in power for rigging the bye election (this was the first seed of the story of a rigged election in the history of modern Ghana).

The second sympathy vote in the World in the 20th Century of my earlier time was when we woke up in 31 October 1984 and heard of the magnificent Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India was assassinated in a bizarre manner by her own two bodyguards this was unbelievable because of expectation of loyalty or allegiance. So, unlike in the Executive Presidency like Ghana’s which makes provision of the Vice President as a spare driver, therefore on standby or in the wait or a spare tire in the boot, hence with zero executive powers, but due to the Parliamentary System of Government in India, no Vice President or Deputy Prime Minister was provided by the Constitution of India.

A constitutional vacuum was therefore created with the death of Indira Gandhi, so the ruling India National Congress Party quickly shopped for a candidate who can gain massive sympathy vote in the forthcoming National election in less than two months. They found her son namely Rajiv Gandhi, who was a very young and just a mere or novice member of the lower house of Parliament in India termed as Lok Sabha and not even a Cabinet Minister to lead the India National Congress with had the majority seats in the Parliament and thus he was appointed as the Prime Minster of India at the age of 40 years, as stated with the expectation that he could gain sympathy vote in an upcoming election which was then to be organized in less than two months’ time precisely in December 1984. Truly speaking he won landslide sympathy with the highest majority seats of 411 seats out of 542 in the history of India up to date.
Third is Combination of sympathy and we want more development and cash

Enter Assin North Constituency bye election, to cut long story short Mr Charles Opoku did not lose the election, rather the NPP, especially the President of Ghana senselessly sold the election to the people of Assin North Constituency with their rhetoric of imprisonment. Without critical thinking on the matter that it could rather induce the people to vote for second bye election, they forget that this by election was a unique one in the World, the first time in history involving a candidate competing to regain his seat in a bye election caused by him hence a blessing to the electorate to say thank you and he is also being threatened with imprisonment and not to be motivated with a reward, scratch my back and I will scratch your back.

So even a JSS pupil will advise them to vote massively for a second bye election because since the President said that the Candidate may end in prison then need for a win-win solution for them and Hon James Gyakye Gyason because it will surely inure to the benefits to the people of Assin North Constituency so is better to give their relative a landslide victory by empathizing with him in the bye election and Ghana since the bye election induced by Hon James Gyakye Gyason brought good businesses, gifts and development.

So, those comparing Kumawu Bye election with that of Assin North must understand the vast differences and stop the infantile comparisons. The bye election at Kumawu was occasioned by death of the MP and not a disqualification as in Assin North .And above all, the candidate occasioned the bye election this time was/is qualified to stand as a candidate to regain his seat. This is unique situation in the history in the World, so the situation in Kumawu is the usual bye election noted in Ghana.

The NPP thought they were/are the only people graduated in greed, but the good citizens of Assin North have taught politicians especially the NPP that they were/are better graduates in greed, a big lesson.

Thank you to the people of Assin North

Folks at this juncture, in the fixing the Country Agenda, please once again join me to say thank you to the people of Assin North for buying the election baggage from the NPP for them to be rewarded or pay them in the second bye election which the NPP has promised them.

By Mohammed Bogobiri

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