Open Letter To Togbui Avaklaso Rawlings


By: Eric Bottah (alias Oyokoba)

Togbe Avaklaso Rawlings,

Please get it through your selected amnesia for the last time, that Ya Na Yakubu Andani was killed by his own brothers and cousins in Yendi, back in 2001.

wpid-Rawlings3.jpgAs for you, you killed 3 High Court judges and a retired major in Accra and sacrificed Amartei Kwei to cover you and Kojo Tsikata tracts. How in the world can somebody who committed such a heinous crime even have the temerity to insinuate that president Kufour and his NPP agents killed the Ya Na? It is only NDC fan-fools who will fall for such gimmickry. So far as I am concerned, you have no conscience, you are corrupt, ?remorseless, a thief and merciless murderer.

In your lonely moments when you are lying awake in bed, you must have wondered why the Akans, especially Ashantis and Akyems hate you so much. And you must have guessed right, that it goes back to your wanton destruction of their businesses and the murdering of 3 Akan judges and a retired mayor, on June 30, 1982, for the sole political calculation to intimidate the judiciary, the only remaining arm of government that had survived your unconstitutional coup of December 31, 1981. Parliament and the Limann presidency were gone and done with. You intimately know the wedge between Akans and Ewes (no fault of theirs) started from that point, since our peoples tend to fall back to their tribal groupings when weak state institutions had collapsed or failed ?to protect them. Your coup in 1981 dismantled two arms of government – the legislature and the executive, plus all their subordinate institutions. In your twisted and hateful mind, you have come to the conclusion that your political survival and legacy depends on finding a counterbalancing wedge to split Akans, especially Ashantis and Akyems – from the rest of the tribal groupings in Ghana. You rightly know these two peoples are not inclined to kiss up to your murderous ass, so your tact has been to split Akans from their cousins from the north, and form a new political alliance between Northerners and Ewes/Gas with unsuspecting Fantes as political hitches. Hence, Fantes or indigenes of Central Region are guaranteed and have been a constant fixture on the NDC presidential ticket since 1991. They are yet to fully appreciate that you are just playing them as political hitch-hikers in your diabolical plots. This is what your murderous satanic mindset is concentrated on. That is how you have come to conclude will ensure the survival of the NDC and your murderous legacy. You can fool some people for some time, but JJ Rawlings, not all of the people all the time. Some of us can think outside the box and read between the lines (or your lies).

In JJ Rawlings, we find an unrepentant bastardized coward who thinks the more he says Kufour killed Ya Na, the more he can bend the facts to suit a certain desired outcome. In his mind he is trying to say: “I killed the judges and the retired major, and if I can make Kufour look just as bad, like he killed the Ya Na, we will be on the same page, and as a byline drive a wedge between Northerners and Ashantis”. He is signalling that his murdering of the judges cancels out Kufour’s murdering of Ya Na, so they are even. In your dope demented mind JJ Rawlings.

Ya Na was killed by his own brothers, the consequence of internal family squabble. It is not even close by the wildest margin to you ordering the murdering of the judges from the bench, the keys to the car which took them to their deaths was picked from your house.

Hard facts. Didn’t the Ya Na refuse police protection when trouble was brewing in a melee of his own creation? Now who told the Ya Na to refuse that protection the government offered him other than you the same JJ Rawlings? Again didn’t Alhaji Mobila take a gun to a polling station during an election? Why did he do that, was he a member of the police force or army, and what was his nationality? Was he not a Burkinabe married to a Ghanaian? Was he not courting trouble the moment he took a gun to a polling station during a tenuous election? I do not say he deserved to be killed, but boy, ?didn’t he make it easy for the police and army to treat him as an enemy of public order and peace? JJ think. If Kufour can be held responsible for the death of the Ya Na, then by your own yardstick can you be charged for the killing of the driver who crossed you on the Tema motorway or the thousands of people who died during the Nanumba-Kokomba war under your watch, not to mention the over 30 Ghanaian women whose mutilated bodies were scattered around Accra, as well as the killing of the paramount chief of Offuman? This guy, Rawlings, is suffering from severe acute dementia. He cannot recognize his own shadows.

We know what Rawlings is doing. His guilty conscience is driving him insane over the brutal killing of innocent judges and a retired army major. JJ Rawlings is talking over his head in a vain attempt to swerve public attention from focusing on him to others for crimes they have not committed and drive a wedge between Ashanti/Akyems and their Dogomba cousins, of which wedge he thinks will inure to his political advantage. It is all probable he doesn’t even want a definite resolution to the case, just keeping it perpetually going during election cycles will serve its purpose, an insidious plan to stake a wedge between Akans and Northerners which will be to his political calculation and advantage. ?Agbotoi Rawlings, damn you, do you hear me? I say damn you.


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