SEL Fuel Station
SEL Fuel Station

Operators in the downstream petroleum industry as a matter of commitment signed Safety Declaration Notes (SDN) to demand strict compliance to industry standard and specifications with regards to commodity handlings.
The SDN, which would be prepared by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) is also to help the Authority name and shame operators who fail to comply with standards and reward industry players who are committed to safety.

Mr Alhassan Tampuli, the Chief Executive Officer of the NPA who announced this during an engagement with Journalists in the Western Region said, “We cannot continue to witness these safety lapses with its resultant loss of lives, properties and investment”.
He pointed out that the country had recorded more than 15 petroleum related fires in recent times and stressed the need for stakeholder engagement to stop accidents in the petroleum industry.

“This is the time we have to curb petroleum fires through maximum adherence to standard operation procedures to ensure no more petroleum fires,” the CEO added.
Mr Tampuli said safety related issues must be every day activity and a collective responsibility, “We are about launching the national safety day to raise national consciousness on the need to observe safety practices in our operations as well as among users of the product”.
He said the NPA also intend to train pump attendants, station managers, depot managers, tank drivers and issue them with certificates to enable them perform their duties within the confines of the standard operating procedures.

Mr Tampuli pointed out that the NPA was considering a nationwide exercise of changing households’ cylinders where people could deposit their empty cylinders at filling stations and go home with new ones.

He hinted that plans were far advanced to have pipelines connected to residential facilities for the refilling of cylinders, “We are hopeful that in the next 12 to 18 months, this project would have started”.
Mr Tampuli encouraged the media to play active role in the campaign against petroleum related fires to save lives, properties and investment.