Opinion: Why Is The Ghana Media Always Silent When Locals Kill Or Attack Chinese In Ghana?

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It is very sad to see the continuous deafening silence of the Ghana media on the harassment and killings of Chinese miners by the very locals they offer help to in mining communities.*

And also, why should a Chieftaincy Dispute in Akyem Ayirebi affect a Chinese Mining Company that has operated for over the past 10 years or so?

These are Chinese companies with all appropriate legal documents and social responsibility which is indeed a matter that demands attention from the Ghana Media.

This is a developing norm that challenges the very essence of journalism and raises questions about the ethical responsibilities of media organizations.

We must call for transparency, unbiased reporting, and the prioritization of human lives over any chieftaincy or economic interests.

It is time for the Ghana media to break its silence and shine a light on these atrocities, fostering a world where justice and truth prevail.

As a matter of fact, let us address a disconcerting issue that has been overshadowed by the media’s silence – the killings, attacks and harassment of Chinese miners by Ghanaian locals across the country.

The alarming lack of Ghana media coverage on this matter raises crucial questions about the responsibility and ethical obligations of the media.

Firstly, it is essential to acknowledge that media plays a pivotal role in shaping public opinion and fostering global awareness. However, the deafening silence surrounding the recent attacks of a Chinese Mining Company in Akyem Akokoaso JIAXIN Mining by locals is concerning.

On the evening of February 9, 2024, at approximately 20:30, the Jiaxin Mining Company alerted the police about an ongoing robbery.

The Prime Suspect of that attack according to on field investigations, was a very popularly troublemaker called Kofi Nti aka Kofi Oti pictured here:

Prime Suspect Kofi Oti and Oda Divisional Police Commander

On ground investigations by INVESTIGATIVE CHANNEL, revealed that fifteen suspected robbers, who are also very well known town folks armed themselves with AK47 assault rifles and machetes, infiltrated the company premises, donning masks and military uniforms.

They issued commands for everyone to lie down while firing sporadically.

The armed assailants, in search of information about the whereabouts of gold bars, proceeded to loot various rooms, including the Manager’s Room. During the incident, several Chinese individuals were shot and injured, namely Wang Yang Feng (50 years old), Mr. Leo, and Wang Yuan Shin. Prompt emergency medical attention was provided, and they were swiftly transported to Akyem Brenase Health Center and later transferred to New Abirem Government Hospital.

Here are some of the victims currently on Admission while some others are in very critical condition.

This silence of the Ghana media not only undermines the principles of journalistic integrity but also perpetuates an environment where heinous acts go unnoticed and unaddressed.

One possible reason for this media silence could be the geopolitical complexities surrounding the issue.

News outlets may fear repercussions or tensions that reporting on such incidents could trigger between countries.

This fear, while understandable, raises serious ethical concerns. The media’s primary duty is to inform the public, even if it means navigating the delicate balance between diplomatic relations and truth-telling.

Chinese mining workers, facing violence from locals, may not be in the spotlight due to a lack of perceived global significance. However, it is our moral duty to recognize the value of every human life, regardless of their nationality or social standing.

Additionally, economic interests could be influencing the media’s stance on this issue. If powerful entities have investments or economic ties in the regions where these killings occur, they may wield influence over media outlets to maintain a favorable narrative.

This raises concerns about the media’s independence and its ability to objectively report on matters of public interest.

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