Optometrist advises people to undergo eye examination before buying spectacles


Dr Danjuma Faisal, an Optometrist at the Bono Regional Red Cross Society of Ghana Eye Clinic, has advised the public to undergo eye examination at a registered eye clinic before purchasing a spectacle to safeguard their eyes.

He said the examination was important to avoid a defect but not inherit another disease.
Dr. Faisal gave the advice in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Sunyani about the rising spate of wearing sunglasses among the people.
He said before the introduction of medicated sunglasses most people used to wear dark sunglasses, but over time studies had shown that those glasses only gave cover but could not protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays from the sun.

“The sun in its entirety is not bad but there are certain elements or components emanating from it, which in the medium to long term influences certain conditions on the human eye,” he explained.

Dr Faisal cited conjunctival growths such as pterygium and pinguecula, which are known to have the sun as a major factor in their development, saying “the northern part of Ghana and other areas with high sunshine have exhibited commonness of these two eye defects”.

He said most people were still purchasing sunglasses on the streets, but others through education had realized that there were prescribed medicated spectacles for special conditions.

”That mentality of people attributing spectacles wearing to those with eye conditions was gradually fading and rather the populace was embracing its use,’ he indicated.

Dr Faisal said the benefit of being examined at the eye clinics before acquiring a spectacle would enable the client to get firsthand education and be taken through a vigorous eye test to incorporate the results obtained into the lens of the spectacle.

He emphasized that the wearing of spectacles should not aim at controlling the shade from the sun, but ensuring the protection of the eye.

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