Optometrist urges the use of photochromic, blue cut anti-reflective lenses

Blue Cut Anti Reflective Lenses
Blue Cut Anti Reflective Lenses

People, who often work with computers and digital screens, have been advised to wear photochromic or blue cut anti-reflective lenses to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Dr Daniel Opoku Gyamfi, Optometrist at the Savanna Opticals in Tamale, who gave the advice in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tamale, said corporate workers exposed to digital screens always were more likely to have dried eyes and CVS.

He said the syndrome was characterised by burning sensations, redness, tearing as well as pain in the eyes, adding wearing photochromic or blue cut anti-reflective lens controlled the amount of harmful light entering the eyes and preventing the discomfort associated with CVS.

He said, “the irritation, dryness, redness and frequent headache caused by prolonged computer use, which was termed CVS, could lead to corneal ulcer or abrasions that could be very painful and sight threatening.”

The Optometrist reiterated that dried eye, if not treated, could cause sore on the sensitive cornea of the eye.
He said, “This is because an eye, which is dry, cannot wash out tiny foreign particles like dust. They get stuck to the front part and create painful sores.”

Advanced technology and mobility are seen to have increased the frequent use of computers and other digital screens, which poses risks to the eyes.

CVS has become a common eye problem stated by eye health professionals as one that causes sight issues including blurred vision.

Dr Gyamfi advised all to check their eyes once a year if there were no underlying conditions or suspicious eye problems to ensure that any slowly developing condition could be identified and dealt with in time.

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