Optometrist Warns People Against Smartphones, Laptop Screens


wpid-better20gh20laptop.jpgHead of the Achimota Hospital Eye Clinic, Dr. Matilda Adda has revealed that the excessive use of smartphones and laptop computers expose users to harmful radiation that negatively affects the health of their eye.

Speaking on Radio Univers? health literacy program, Good Health on Wednesday, Dr. Adda said users must ensure moderation in the use of these artificial-light producing devices or alternatively employ some basic interventions to minimize the negative effects the use of these devices can cause.

The key is to put in interventions or do things so that we may not have the full effect of these blue light or this emission. the first thing is to take breaks especially when you work behind a computer. Once you are working on the computer you are focusing for a long period of time and so the eye does no blink, once the eye does not blink tears don?t lubricate the eye and that?s where you develop dry eyes and your eyes are exposed to infections.

According to her, the dangers with using Blue-light emitting devices includes the development of dry eyes which opens users up for eye infections.

Dr. Adda further called on Ghanaians to make it a habit to visit an optometrist at least once every two years to have their sight checked, insisting the cost for a regular check-up is very affordable. She further added that most of the primary eye care services offered in the country were covered by the National Health Insurance SCheme.

?It is worth it to going to the hospital or an eye clinic at least once in every two years just to have a thorough eye check-up to know that everything is fine? Dr. Adda said.


Source: 233livenews


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