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Osei Kofi Acquah the National Youth Organizer for the CPP writes…

Kwame Nkrumah

Hello Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah are you there?!

Cuddled from Dolly Parton’s Hello God…

Hello, Osagyefo?
Are You out there?
Can You hear me?
Are You listening anymore?
Hello, Kwame Nkrumah?

If we’re still on speaking terms
Can You help us like before?

They questioned Your love for your country and lied about your vision.

Now the current state of your Ghana leaves me cold and scared..

Can you help us go back to the right path?
Your Economic independent plan, guided by the 7 year development plan

Hello Osagyefo?

This 64 year old country has gone to pieces, there is Dumsor, plugging the whole country into darkness, even though you built the Akosombo dam with intentions of doing more to make sure this country never blink as far our electricity system is concern

There is Galamsey, it has destroyed all our water lands, polluted our water bodies, destroyed our cocoa farms which earns us foreign exchange and the sad thing is the benefactors are foreigners!

Our educational system is still that of the colonial masters, they tell us that, it is only studying that, A Ghanaian can get a white colored job..

The corruption that you said we can discourage it by building a strong public opinion against it, now sits, dine and wine with our leaders and has find its way into place of faith, the churches, the mosques and the shrines too…

All the factories and state Enterprises that you selflessly built to sustain us have all been sold, and most have been turned to places of worship so that your people can go in and pray for employment..

So tell us Osagyefo Can we fix it?
Is there time?

Unemployment has breed Hate and violence, political thuggery, vigilantism just increases, and only Yesa masa boys have access to opportunities and now your youth are turning to rituals for money, they call it Sakawa, sika Gari etc..

We have become so selfish, cruel, blind and the love for country (The patriotism) you taught us through the young pioneer, the workers brigade and boys company which they demonized have been thrown to the dogs

Now We fight and kill each other in election years to get political power, for it is now a winner takes all and do all system

Kwame do you think God loves some more than others?

Because I cannot understand why the Singapore, the Malaysia, the Chinese and all those countries we started the economic independence fight with and even those we started before like the United Arab Emirates are doing fabulously well than us.

Now We’re so lost and confused as a country and as a people

Hello, Osagyefo?
Are you out there?
Can you hear us?
Are you listening anymore?

Hello, Kwame Nkrumah?
If we’re still on speakin’ terms

Can You help us like before?
Oh, all the struggles you went through to free this country from the colonial shackles and made us the black star of Africa
We have made a mockery of it..

And This current state of your people is no way to be living…
We are in great need of your forgiveness and guidance and it must come quick…

Hello, Osagyefo?
Hello, Kwame?
Can You grant us forgiveness and
Love enough to make amends?
(Hello, Osagyefo)
Is there still a chance
That we could start again what you tried to teach us, the path to Economic freedom and Liberation?

Hello, Osagyefo?
We’ve learned our lesson
Dear God, intercede on our behalf and don’t let Osagyefo turn his back on us…

(Hello, Nkrumah)
We need your guidance More than ever

Hello Osagyefo ?
Hello, Kwame?

We really need You
We can’t make it with the way we are going about things..

(Hello, Osagyefo)
We beseech You
In the name of all that’s true and in the name of God

Hello, Nkrumah ?
Please forgive us
For we know not what we did, but we do now

Hello, Osagyefo?
Give us one more chance
To prove ourselves to You
Hello, Nkrumah?
Hello, Kwame?



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