Our focus as a nation in marking the 55th Republic Day

Republic Day

By: Raphael Apetorgbor

As we mark Republic day, our heartbeat should be in sync with the Ghana?s economic transformation agenda. It’s time for we the youth to restore the hopes and reengineer structures for economic growth. It’s needless and a complete waste of time to sit aloof and anticipate that the aged or leaders to necessarily present us with golden opportunities to change our circumstances. The reality is that we can also create such avenues for people to benefit from. Age should not be a description or measure of your potential and capabilities.

Richard Odame  International Affairs Director- PUSAG
Richard Odame
International Affairs Director- PUSAG

It is not uncommon to be clouded with usual complain as one boards commercial bus which falls in man-holed dominated roads pot holes in our quest to seek jobs and being dehydrated by hot blazing sun which forces us to irrationalities including improperly disposing pure water sachet that clogs drains and impedes evacuation of rain water systems leading to flooding hence loss of lives and properties. The earlier we got to know that incessant complains are not the remedies for our quagmires, the better for us.
I implore my colleague?s youth to use this day as a renaissance to forge and work smarter by being proactively, pragmatically and see things with our mind sights and not eye sight. We pray our leaders – political, economic, civil and cooperate demonstrate visionary leadership that saves and profits future generations even at their immediate detriment.
The future of the nation alone gives me and other interested persons qualms as a student leader. Fellow student leaders should have the interest of students and legacy at heart. Your proposed polices should be a fund raiser to carry campaign instead of trooping into offices of political parties as homes to infiltrate systems and students governance. Our utmost favor should be wining the heart of our constituencies (students) by leaving mind blowing legacies and this vision has been the success story of PUSAG.
Today should be a day that marks the tipping point of devising ways to make Ghana a better place. The term of Republic was coined from the Latin word public affair to explain the call of duty of everyone after years of worshiping and dancing around “maypoles” and saluting colonial empire flags and singing British song to honor the Queen. This signifies the need to champion the relevance of our republic in order to reward excellence, dedication and selfless commitment to Ghana.
Nkrumah once said “We face neither East nor West; we face forward”. Our forward movement should be to make Ghana the home it has been hoped to be.
It would take numerous chapters talking about to think about the significance of today; Ghana was fully fleshed to be autonomous. However, my focus for today and beyond is to advocate primarily for leadership who would champion the cause of the country 15/20/35 years from now. It’s with great sight to have we the youth, current students leaders and everyone to have the right ethical mindset and problem solving skills to address the challenging and ailing state of Nation.
Gone were the days where students leaders collectively mobilized students to help Cocoa farmers in harvesting and sorting their cocoa beans for market. The sense of urgency in leadership permeated our social fabric and students actively led the path. PUSAG is the light to restore these moments and such confidence. As we celebrate Republic day, PUSAG would humbly want to remind all of the struggle and the blood shed to declared 1 July on 1960 as a Republic.
All workers (private or government sector), statesmen, parents, friends and family and students should not seen the luxurious part of the day but rethink and strive on how to make Ghana the real Ghana by excelling in our own roles.

Long live PUSAG!
Long live mother Ghana!!!

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