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Our mixed SHS system is the best so far

wpid-shs20students.jpgSingle-sex schools which invariably boys or girls are undoubtedly part of our educational system in this country.Those who like single sex schools argue that there is keen competition among the students in such schools which invariably preside to excellent academic results.They also contend that students in single sex schools face problems such as teenage pregnancies, rape and defilement.
????????Nevertheless, the few advantages raised about single sex schools, i am of the opinion and optimistic that the advantage in attending mixed school far out weight? that of a single sex school and therefore would opt for a mixed school.
????????In the first place, it is a notorious fact that students in the mixed schools are neater and more respectful than their counterparts in single sex schools.Anyone who attend a holiday or remedial classes in any party of this country where we have both schools would attest to the fact without any difficulty.The way and manner students from mixed schools dress is so unique that their appearance usually distinguish them from their counterpart from single sex schools.
????????In addition, students in mixed schools hardly engaged in deviant behaviors such as homo-sexualities, or sodomy, lesbianism, occultism to be mentioned but a few.A lot of people would concur with that single sex schools are the breeding grounds for? such shameful practices.
????????However, the most cardinal veracity in mixed schools, boys and girls learn how to stay together and do things in common as a big family.This, in no doubt,? prepares them adequately for marriage life in future./In mixed schools, how to talk to the opposite sex is something that one has to learn.Boys do not shout at girls anyghow and vice versa in mixed schools.This unique training that is acquired in mixed schools prepares the students adequately to face the wear and tear of marriage life.
????????Furthermore, in mixed schools everyone is treated with kindness, humility and with courtesy.Boys often come to the defense of girls in challenging circumstances.Besides, there is keen academic competition between boys and girls and this undoubtedly leads to good results.Th boys sometimes see it as a humiliation when a girl tops their class, it also enables them to learn profound far and above the capabilities top survive their? keen keen competition.Ultimately, it is the schools that gains when examination results are released by the west African examination council.
????????Sporting activities? in mixed schools are more interesting than their counterparts in single sex schools.It is no secret that during sports co competition involving all schools in any part of the country the mixed schools took part in events involving both boys and girls and as a results people had the opportunity to watch both sex compete for laurels.It is a fact that single sex schools are left out of certain games or events due to their peculiar predicament during most sports competitions.

????????To conclude, i wo0uldf say that in view of the advantages that i have enumerated above, i would like to appeal to the government to help maintain the mixed schools Ghana, irrespective of its policy should not affect mixed schools,A stitch in time saves nine.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????EDWARD FRIMPONG
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????korle gonno, accra

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