Our Uniforms, Attitudes and the need for Research

Today, I am talking about myself, you and everybody in the Ghana Police Service. Please before you get angry with me just pick the mirror after reading this piece and tell me if you are "guilty or not guilty"?

Ghana Police
Ghana Police

Please if you find the answer, don’t hide it from me. Share with me here publicly or privately through my address so that together we can find a solution to this problem.

Ghana Police
Ghana Police

First of all, I want to quote myself or should I say “misquote” myself. I have always said that “the police service has the best reserve of human resources that any organization can boast of but what is lacking , is the “application” of these vast resource pool”

Now , permit me to ask you something. Why do people want to look different than what they actually are? In other words, why do police officers(generic) want to look different from what they are actually supposed to look like? Any answers?

When we are given uniforms that are short sleeved we change them to long sleeves and vise versa. Others change blue uniforms to black and black to… courtesy overuse, weather or simply the lack of it due to delay in distribution of accoutrements.

Again, when we are given shiny boots, we either change with with military boots or we never wear them. When we don’t get boots or the shiny boots over a period of time, we charge on the administration, we complain and castigate the quarter master general or his local representative wherever we may be working.

Sometimes, we buy long lasting boots our administration has never in its entire life been able to figure out where this quality boots we buy are made. We buy them from our friends in the military and maybe, one of these days we should be suggesting to our procurement officers to contact the military to find out where they have been buying those boots that lasts several years despite the troubles they are usually subjected to.

Show by hands who hasn’t bought military accoutrements before? I am guilty of buying quality military accoutrements and I swear you have done same before.

Please if we have procurement officers in the police service don’t report me to them, just ask them to contact me for advice.

Is sad but true that, this is our story as an institution , this is the life we live as police officers and sometimes is difficult to keep quiet when you have little ink in your pen. You are forced to share your views albeit carefully and within the confines of administrative regulations.

Can you imagine that, sometimes we are given black boots to match our kind of attire but we never wear them but spend money to buy dessert boots to boost our morale? We are all to be blamed but the administration, quartermaster and the procurement officers are the ones who should be blamed the more.

At the center of this whole confusion is the “human” in us. We are humanbeings who behave just like all humans do.

The answer to this is what the psychologists call an engrained egoic mind pattern. We never want to look like other people in terms of what we wear with people in the same organization. We live the lives of the “I am different syndrome” beating the definition of UNIFORM which says that “an identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the members of a given profession, organization, or rank”

Our lives are always based on the saying that “the grass is always greener at the other side” where we always struggle to be and abandon what we really are.

This clearly can be equated to people who always want to be seen looking different from what they really are supposed to look like. I have a very brief example.

I have seen people without “cement papers”(certificates) ie gate men, janitorial staff, front desk officers, painters over, drivers the, cooks, and civilian guards, seeing themselves and posing as soldiers and policemen just because of the prevelege of working at a particular place .

I have seen all of this in the last decade at the National Security where I painfully spent twelve years of my policing career.

What I am trying to say with all these long talk is that, knowing the dynamics of human behavior in organizations is very important and also, the psychological make up of people working in that organization.

Sadly though, the police service as I said earlier on has all the best human resources do not utilize these resources to the fullest. We have all the men and resources and what it takes to conduct research into the behavior of our men and women to know what they want as their uniform, color, boots, size, type and so on.

Please we cannot allow this to fester when we have a lot of students of psychology and organizational behavior experts in our mist. Let’s make good use of their knowledge to inspire behavioral change in our people towards uniform and the real essence of it.

Because we have failed to research, somebody like me who wears size 44 or 11 boots if you like, was given a size 7 boot recently. Will I be wrong if I buy a long lasting military boot from a soldier or change the undersized boot for a dessert boot?

We have failed to plan and so we are definitely planning to fail and we are seriously on course to fail the more if we don’t put our feet to the breaks.

Why are we not ready to find out why people behave the way they do in the Ghana police service?

I believe now that looking into the mirror many of us can see our faces clearly. It may or may not be our fault but certainly it is an administrative fault spanning a long period of time and this must change forthwith.

Thanks for reading. I actually intended to say that we don’t have “uniform” in the police service as per the definition of UNIFORM. Everybody wears what he or she likes whether the administration provides or take years to provide.

The next time you see police officers just find out whether they are in uniform.

Or you may just look around you to find out if what am saying is not true. You will find people in multicoloured dresses directing traffic, chasing armed robbers or doing other important things.

Please look around before you call, whatsapp or email me at the following address.


Mohammed Abdul Hanan EL-Saeed
Chiraa station
Sunyani District
Brong Ahafo Region

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