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There are quite a number of towns and villages within the Ga West Municipality in the formerly Trobu-Amasaman Constituency; but now due to C.I 78, it is Trobu Constituency of the Greater Accra Region, the National capital of Ghana and is full of interesting qualities. Amasaman is the Municipal capital of the Ga West Assembly. Pokuase is within the authority of the Municipality, with full of life and delight.

Pokuase has a perfect T-junction in the middle of the town. When entering the town from Accra, the junction to your right at the old station leads to Nsakyi, Dedeman, Katakpo and Homedakrom. The Pokuase Police station is close to the T-junction save the Empowerment building for women. On the left is a mini- market, which stocks vegetables and a butcher house. Again, close to the junction on your right hand side is a spot named ?Roof top?, with a water treatment plant opposite the beer pub.

At the exit of the Pokuase township towards Mayera-Adusa Quarters, is another T-junction at Okaiman. This very location has multiple names. Some call this place, Mayera junction, which is quite popular among folks. Others also know it as Agric junction. Though the road in the town is not tarred, the busting natural environment will take your attention away from the treatment that your waist is likely to receive from the bumpy alley and possible near outpour of your body from the seat of a trotro.

The transport system of the Pokuase community is comparatively improving gradually, as to yester years. The population is growing at a fast rate with new home owners arriving each day from the hustles of city life. The serene environs of the community is so inviting and engaging. With some Members of Parliament pitching their homes as well as retired Security Officers and Senior Civil Servants, one should be informed about the high demand of plot of land here. Activities of Land Guards are nonexistent.

However, Pokuase has loads of questions to answer on the score of sanitation. The public place of convenience is too close to domestic residence, in this day and age of annual cholera outbreak. A new facility is currently under construction, but it?s just a meter of a distance in front of the old. This has drawn the project close to the road leading to the main station. Then the question pops up, where will the refuse container be placed? Amazingly, a lady sells fruits close by. When it rains the environs of the refuse dump becomes so muddy and poses threat to possible outbreak of an infectious disease. The main gutters have the outlet in to the only river in the Pokuase Township. The drains are open and your guess is as good as mine.

On the issue of safety and security, Pokuase is better off as compare with some vicinity in the Greater Accra Region. The only danger pose to the folks has to do with the Accra ? Kumasi high way. There is no pedestrian overhead foot bridge which exposes commuters? everyday with the crossing of the busy road. This has indeed resulted in the death of many a will-be commuter. Most often than not, pedestrians and travelers have met their untimely death with cargo trunks veering off the highway and running through waiting commuters. In recent times, speed ramps have been erected to slow down over speeding traffic. In spite of the speed ramps, some trucks still manage to accelerate. There is no street light thus makes crossing the high way at night very dangerous because the only means of visibility is the light of the moving vehicles. Dear reader, you need to see how folks run across the road, even the senior citizens. This is for your eyes only. Surprisingly, Ghana could not find in Pokuase, athletes to compete with Usain Bolt at the London Olympics.

Again, Pokuase has a Police Station that seems to be doing its best. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of the town have overrun the facility. It has being torched on few occasions. The Police Station is right by the road side on the way to Mayera-Afiaman-Adusa-Quarters. The security post lacks space, with Officers and visitors parking their cars by the road side. Most often, Officers of the Station sit on the corridor to work. The front view gets muddy and flooded with a little shower. The Police Officers at the station do not have full control of the town. There was an instance when a young man chased another to the Police Station with a cutlass and threatened him in the presence of the Officers. Astonishingly, the young man got away with this uncivilized behaviour.
There is a bit of the Ghanaian traditional problem at Pokuase, ?Chieftaincy dispute? This leads to Police Officers from Accra virtually flooding the Township, whenever there is an occasion, such as the Homowo festival. It could be denied to save face, but the reality is there for us all to face. All that is expected of the Traditional Authorities of Pokuase is to ensure that there is absolute resolution to this impasse. It has the capacity and tendency to disturb the serene atmosphere of the town and investments of private individuals.

Human resource of this community is amazing. They are hardworking people who will bend their backs to take any risk come what. Young men work out their souls, using manpowered trunks to distribute water to construction workers. The only danger that comes with it has to do with the reckless manner in which they cross the main Accra-Nsawam-Kumasi highway. Gradually, many of the folks have raised structures, which will somewhat stun any stranger. Now this will hold you spell bond. Ladies in Pokuase are unique in every way and appearance. They are very active and support the Township with their trading activities. A visitor for the first time will perhaps stir at the ladies till the fellow goes gutter trotting. These ladies are well shaped. What many call, vital statistics. The capital of the Eastern Region is Koforidua; ladies there are most often referred to as ?Koforidua flowers? for their beauty. But, I implore you to visit Pokuase, simply to verify this information about the ladies of the town. Shapelessness is not found in the dictionary of the Pokuase Township. Secret, they wear beads right from childhood, which keep them in shape. This is for your eyes only. The ladies will not cease to hold you in suspense as they file pass you, when you stroll through the Pokuase Township. They are hippy and attract attention and admiration every step on the way. Be gentle, not to go-gazing-mouth-opening.

Despite the beauty that exists among the ladies of Pokuase, modesty and discretion rule supreme. This is not a public relations gimmick to pull you over to the town of Pokuase, which is an ancient community. You will simply fall head over heels in love with the town and her well-shaped and cultured ladies who you might christened at first sight as head line screamers. In spite of their beauty, attraction and attention grabbing appeal, you are impressed upon to be disciplined. Beauties do not walk ideal. Every a gold belongs to someone. Tread cautiously. But, irrespective of being careful you are welcome to the town of delight and sightseeing of the fearfully and wonderfully made daughters of Eve, ?The curvy ladies of Pokuase? unique in every way.

The other tourist attraction has to do with the mountain range that extent to the Akuapem and Kwahu in the Eastern Region. This mountainous range presents Pokuase as a valley, when viewed from the Kwabenya hills. Houses are doted on the mountain sides which casts a canopy sight for on lookers from the Pokuase Township. ?Fresh bread is baked in every corner of the Township. Pokuase is close to Kwabenya, hence many of the bread served to patrons there is from the town many envy.

Pokuase also has a religious character to appeal to all who visits this religiously pluralistic community. Churches can be located at every corner, but not such with Mosques, save a mini one at a defunct patron station by the highway. African Traditional Religion (ATR) also has it place in the heart of this serene town.

The National Seed Testing site of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) is also located at Pokuase, with a large tract of land. The importance of this community to national development is immeasurable.

This town Pokuase, request of you to pay her a visit for a real offer in whatever you expect. Pokuase is ready to do business, come over we await you. Before then, you are gracefully welcome. Enjoy yourselves.



Patrick Twumasi


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