Outrage In Ghana Over Lithium Deal With Atlantic Lithium

Atlantic Lithium
Atlantic Lithium

It is extremely disgustingly provocative that African politicians and their public servant cronies will continue to allow themselves to be used by its worst external exploiting enemies as agents to continue the execution of their egregious CHARTER OF IMPERIALISM AGAINST AFRICA!

It is extremely unpatriotic and treasonable, yet coming from people who consider themselves leaders, whose behaviour betray them as Africa’s WORST INTERNAL ENEMIES. How can a county’s enemies have its best interest at heart? And the behaviours of most of them since independence have proven beyond doubt that they organized themselves to achieve the maximum personal profits at the expense of their countries. The results are all there for undeniable proofs.

The additional most odious behaviour are average citizens who submit themselves to tribal, political and religious brainwashing to continue to dance to the tune of the organized destroyers of themselves, and their future as well as the future of their generations. What level of education and exposure must one have to recognize this? Countries are moving away from royalty to service level/production sharing agreements that give them at least 50%.

Others have achieved 75%! But watch out! Where was parliament when that country’s petroleum agreement was reversed in the in interest of the foreign partners, and that of Anglogold? Money has power, and when a country such as Ghana with extremely greedy and wealth hungry politicians are involved, you know who will lose!

And the religious leaders who control over 70% of that country’s population are very sadly no different. So citizens, don’t bank on them protecting your interests and those of your future generations. They never had and they never will. Use your PEOPLE POWER effectively to protect your intrests now and for the future.

There is, however, one positive thing about this agreement, the aspect of value addition. Infact all natural resources agreements must be renegotiated in favour of service level or production sharing as well as value addition

Bobby Quaqoo,
A freelance journalist and an African in the Diaspora.
Contact: westtogo@gmail.com.

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