Over My Dead Body Will This Project Succeed In Ada – Noah Dameh

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It’s so clear that some nemeses of McDan do behave like distraught people looking for a run-away goat. They are distortionists who are always looking for propaganda to distract the nation’s attention from the great work in Ada. Even if a goat dies in Ada today, they’ll blame it on McDan.

In as much as the Jesuits of GaDaŋme would express
our deepest condolences to the bereaved family of our colleague Journalist, the late Noah Dameh and pray for his soul to rest in peace, we also feel it is right to set the records straight.

Wasn’t the same Noah Dameh who organized thugs to attack the police in Ada? Was he not the journalist who vowed never to respect the chiefs and elders of Ada or call them by their stool name? He couldn’t hide behind press freedom and go scort free.

Dameh’s verbal irony about the fact that Electrochem Ghana Limited would only succeed over his dead body must not be trivialized. We all may be aware of how river gods and goddesses get offended and, hence, go into hibernation because of filth. For 40 years and over, the Songor Langoon was left almost lifeless, squalid, silty and filthy. Giving the Langoon back its natural breath and breeze by Electrochem had definitely brought some joy to the river gods or goddesses.
And therefore, any individual who stands in the way of making Songor Alive Again may incur the wrath of the gods.

Not long ago, in Ada, the long awaited development of the Ada Songor Lagoon began to see the light of day. The chiefs, the people of Ada and all well-meaning Ghanaians threw their weight behind the massive transformation project currently going on in Ada through the able visionary leader, Dr. Daniel McKorley, popularly called McDan.

As the old adage goes: ” In every house there, is a Mensah.” and in this case, the Mensah was none other than the late Noah Dameh who took it upon himself to be the MENSAH against the Ada Songor project. He collaborated with two community chiefs in Ada, salt galamseyers ( Akyiakpo operators) and illegal concessionaires
and, with their unwholesome activities, destroyed the Songor Lagoon rendering it a desert for decades until McDan’s takeover.

Those people hid under the guise that the livelihood of the people was being taken away. That they did at the expense of living the National Asset to extinction. In fact, their collaborative activities drove emotions and disaffection for the development of the Songor Lagoon as Noah Dameh hid under the pretense of “press freedom” and propagated falsehood to incite community members against their traditional leaders, and families against one another other tarnishing the hard-earned reputations of individuals, especially traditional leaders: not even the Paramount, Chief Djetse Abram Kabu Akuaku III who has been Chief for almost 50years was spared.

When the late Noah Dameh started his self-destructive journey, one may ask if there were no elders or leaders in the community to advise him. Well, there were a lot, including chiefs, pastors and many other prominent persons who did their best to caution him but to no avail.

At that time, the only God-father Noah knew and listened to was Dr. Yao Graham of Third World Network, who was using the dilapidated Songor Lagoon and the Yikatsemei for his selfish interest. He was also listening to some visionless and selfish politicians, especially those from the “Babies with Sharp Teeth” Camp.


To the mischievous and unprofessional journalists in this country who try to link his death to an individual:

1. Are you trying to say the late Noah Dameh never published any falsehood about McDan?

2. Are you aware the said picture Noah Dameh used as an evidence to his false publication was a suspect who assaulted a police CID and vandalized his car and was on the run?

3. Are you also aware that just as the late Noah had the right to the so-called press freedom, McDan equally has the right to sue him or anyone to demand justice if the latter thinks what has been published about him is untrue and has the tendency to soiling his hard-earned reputation?

4. Are you sure you don’t know Noah Dameh was not locked up by the police for publication of falsehood as you are also falsely doing?

5. Are you sure the late Noah Dameh was not aware of his own avoidance to attending court with no excuse notice may have led to the bench warrant issued to him?

6. Are you sure he was not the master planner of the assault of three policemen, who were took hostage for more than three hours and later seized the Riot Control Weapons and destroyed a Toyota Cross-country vehicle belonging to the Service? When a journalist physically attacked a police officer is no news.

Well in the realms of the spirit, there is no room for one to hide behind “Press Freedom” . BLACK IS BLACK AND WHITE IS WHITE

What might be the true cause of his death:

1. Is it because he is one of those who vowed to make sure blood is spilled in Ada to ensure development of Ada Songor never see the light of day? Or his reason being that “Radio Ada is the voice of the Ada people and the fact that it was not consulted with before the chiefs went to see the president to release the Songor Lagoon for development, he would move heaven and earth to destroy the project using the power of media?

2. Could it be a curse from Yomo, (the salt goddess) because he is one of those who went to curse the chiefs and slaughter pig that the Paramount Chief and his traditional council members should die just because they are all in support for the development of the national asset and the gods have started paying them back in their own coins? I think the gods are angry and are happy about the hygienic condition of Songor today. Certainly, not all that is unrighteous is unrighteous to the gods. He might have been plagued by Yomo.

3. Could it also be that he was very busy trying to destroy a project that has brought so much impact into the lives of the people of Ada so much so that he forgot to take care of his own health, and acute hypertensive? Because not long ago, before the said publication that dragged him to face the law, he had suffered stroke.

4. Is it also true that his Yao Graham and the politicians behind him left him to his fate without taking proper medical care of him on his sick bed and regretted for been used, rejected and abandoned by Yao Graham and cohorts?

5. Or has God answered his own prayers of “Over my dead body will this project succeed in Ada”?

Hmmmm interesting times ahead!


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