Owusu Bempah Pours Out Prophecies Despite Warnings

Owusu Bempah
Owusu Bempah

In Ghana, it has been customary for pastors and prophets from all around the nation to deliver a barrage of prophesies during the 31st December Watch Night ceremonies.

The Watch service last night was exactly the same.

The founder of the Glorious Word Power Ministries, Reverend Owusu Bempah, is one of the well-known pastors who have made public their extensive lists of predictions.

His projections for 2023 included a mixture of warnings, forecasts, and abundant blessings for Ghana and some other nations.

While declaring that 2023 will see numerous marriages and financial prosperity for those who remain strong in the Lord, he also issued a warning about coups and the passing of notable Ghanaians.

Here are his predictions for 2023:

Local airlines may be complicit in an incident that shocks the country.

He issued a warning to the aviation authority. He predicts that the nation could have a high number of plane crashes in the coming year.

He issued a dire warning that another deadly illness like COVID might strike the planet.

A cutlass had sliced off a large tree in a forest, and the trees began to lament. The chopped tree was a well-known figure, and the trees were Ghanaians.

A well-known member of the Christian community could possibly pass away. He requested the fraternity’s prayers in an effort to stop the disaster.

US-branded aircraft were pelting a dragon with missiles. He anticipated that the US might join a global conflict.

He issued a dire flood warning for the coming year. Desilting sewers would provide for greater space for flood floods, he suggested.

He claimed to have witnessed four ghosts baying for the blood of Ghanaians with their mouths wide open. He predicts that 2023 will see a lot of accidents, therefore the NRSA needs to be on guard.

He added that many young people would pass away.
The prevalence of occultism and ritualism will reach its pinnacle in 2023.

He also foresaw the possibility of a coup in the nation. In order to prevent the takeover of government, he urged the President, National Security, and other state agencies to be on high alert.

He continued by saying that another well-known Ghanaian will travel abroad for medical treatment and not come back.

He predicted that several police officers will be killed in crossfire.

He also said that he seen a monster in a pitch-black pit forcing a country into the pit until an intervening hand from above saved them.

He explained that this showed there were forces at work to ruin the economy, but that help might be on the way.

He also mentioned the possibility of more civil conflicts in the coming year. He predicted that they will be covered by major media outlets all across the world.

While money will be tight, those who are obedient to God will have it easy.

There will be numerous weddings.

He said that although Ghana has received a white cloud of blessings from God, certain evil spirits are attempting to stop it.

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