Palestinian Ambassador Celebrates Eid Adha with members of the community

Abdal Fatah Ahmed Khalil Alsatarri
Abdal Fatah Ahmed Khalil Alsatarri

The Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana and Dean of Arab Diplomatic Mission, Abdal Fatah Ahmed Khalil Alsatarri has fetes with some community members as part of the celebration of the EidAdha in Accra.

The occasion is celebrated around the world by the Muslim community and a major festive season on the calender of the Muslim world.
“Palestinians are peace loving people and it is a seen all over the world” he said and explained that fetes show the compassion that Muslims around the world celebrates with people across the world,” he said.

Speaking to the media on the occasion, the Ambassador said he has worked for 10 years of diplomatic service in the country and Ghana for matter government have been hospitable and charitable to the Palestinians community in the country.

According to him, the people of Palestine have received solidarity messages throughout the world including Ghana and commended government for the support to the people of Palestine.

He added that the celebration is part of giving and sharing of food to humanity and forms part of the values by Muslims around the world in fostering love, peace and unity in building a healthy society for growth and development.

He also used the occasion to remind Muslims to continue to live in peace with fellow brothers and sisters, saying it is through peace and unity that humanity will experience growth and development.

The Ambassador congratulated and praised Ghanaians for the peace and stability the country has enjoyed and urged other countries to emulate the shining example of Ghana.

Report by Ben LARYEA

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