Palestinian Ambassador supports over 600 Muslims with bags of rice

Social Ramadan Support
Social Ramadan Support

Mr Abdal Fatah Ahmed Khalil Alsattari, Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Ghana, has donated bags of rice to Ghanaian Muslims to help them with the fast in the holy month of Ramadan.

The 5kg bags of rice were to help keep body and soul together and remain spiritually disciplined.

In a short address, Mr Alsattari said the Holy month of Ramadan signified peace and love, and he was happy to give out the tokens to express the love of Palestine towards the Ghanaian people.

“This is my second home, I see the Ghanaian people as my family and I am happy to share with them all we have. We should not only give in the month of Ramadan but at all times we should extend a hand to our fellow humans,” he said.

Mr Alsattari said the support was a contribution from friends and love ones of Palestine in fulfilment of the teachings of the Holy Prophet Mohammad.

He said Ghana had stood behind the State of Palestine, in all their adversities, showing unwavering support in the mist of the destruction of their economy, agriculture, hopes and lives.

“We are grateful. We the Palestinians will stand against any oppression and destruction. We are strong enough, this is our land, we will defend it until we will be free one day,” he added.

Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu, Spokesperson for the National Chief Imam, said, “we must be mindful of our common humanity, understand our needs and extend a hand of support to those who through no fault of theirs have found themselves in difficult circumstances.”

He said the spirit of love during Ramadan had been encouraging and in that spirit we should show compassion and love to the deprived in society.

“That is what makes religion meaningful. Religion without compassion and love is empty ritual. The Ambassador has demonstrated spirit of giving at the diplomatic level,” Sheikh Shaibu said.

He said, “if a nation that is under oppression could still get some food to cater for the needs of people in society, It means whatever small we have could be shared.”

Mr Kwasi Pratt Jr, Convener, Socialist Forum, thanked the State of Palestine for their kind gesture and gave an assurance that the people of Ghana would continue to support them against injustices.

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