Pappy Kojo’s ride to success as an artiste

Pappy Kojo
Pappy Kojo

In his relatively short time in the industry, Pappy Kojo has had quite a lot of success. His rise to the top can be described as meteoric, as he?s already won a Ghana Music Award for Hip Hop Song of the Year, and was nominated in two other categories this year. To say that Pappy Kojo is officially a star would even be an understatement, as this Takoradi native is on his way to mega-stardom. Yes, it?s been a really good year for the multilingual (he?s fluent in Italian) artiste, but this is obviously a sign of things to come. Pappy Kojo has ?arrived?. I caught up with him to find out more.

Pappy Kojo
Pappy Kojo

What have you been up to recently?
PK: I?ve just been recording. I?m trying to bring out the greatest album of all time. I?m constantly in the studio, banging out song after song. This album is going to be nothing short of phenomenal. It?s been just over a year since I moved back to Ghana from Italy. I recently went back there to catch up with some old friends. It?s been a great experience so far. I?m loving every moment of it.

How did you begin your career as a recording artist?

PK: I?ve always had a deep passion for music. I started to listen to hiplife in 1999. I used to listen to Reggie Rockstone and Obrafour. I love hiplife. It?s something I was born to do. I?m grateful for all the success I?m having. I?ve always wanted to do music. I really don?t see myself doing anything else.

What was living in Italy like for you?
PK: In the beginning, it was a bit awkward. I lived my JSS days here in Ghana, so obviously life in Italy was a bit different. I missed my friends and life here. Now, it?s the other way around. I miss Italy! I miss my friends, the food, and the girls! (laughs)

Did you expect this success to come to you at this early age?

PK: Not at all. When Joey B said I should come to Ghana, the plan was just to do a track with him and show off to my friends that I did a song with Joey B. I had no idea that the track would catch on like that and propel me to where I?m at today. The fans have been fantastic.

To what do you credit all your success?
PK: It?s all thanks to the passion I have for what I?m doing. I just love what I do. I don?t do it for the money. I love being on stage, jumping and feeling the energy from the crowd. I love seeing my videos on TV and meeting fans when I?m in public. Sometimes, you don?t get much privacy as an artiste, but I don?t mind. That all comes with the package. That?s what I signed up for. I can?t complain. It?s all love.

What are some of the challenges you?ve faced in your career over the years?

PK: Well, when I lived in Italy, I used to come down for a few weeks to push my music. People didn?t take me seriously back then. I would have to beg to have my song played on the radio. People wouldn?t retweet links to my songs. I hardly got any attention at all. The fact is, I wasn?t living in Ghana. That was the problem.

All the artistes that I have interviewed that don?t live in Ghana say it?s almost impossible to blow up here if you don?t live in the country.

PK: True. You need to be here to push your music. When you are out of sight, you are out of mind. You need to monitor your progress and keep up appearances, otherwise how can you blow up? People need to know that you are available for shows and interviews. You need to be here to manage your career properly.

What are some of the problems with the music industry in Ghana that you?ve noticed?

PK: I don?t think they really value the artistes. Promoters always feel like they are doing you a favour. We the artistes love what we do, but that doesn?t mean we should be taken advantage of or taken for granted. I think artistes in Ghana deserve more respect than they?re getting.

What are you working on presently?
PK: My album!! I want it to be a classic!! I?m working very hard to make that happen. It features Obrafour, Sarkodie, Joey B, E.L, Efya, Edem and a whole bunch of people. These are the people I really love and admire, and it?s an honour to have them on my album. It?s going to be epic!

Tell us about your ?Change Your DP? event.
PK: It?s a free event, taking place on the 24th on September at Silverbird (West Hill Mall) at 1:00pm. It?s a chance for me to meet my fans, take pictures with them, rap along with the and basically have fun with them. I?m really looking forward to meeting and spending some quality time with my fans.

What does the not-too-distant future hold for Pappy Kojo?

PK: It?s all in God?s hands. I had no idea I would be where I?m at today. In Italy, I went to a chef school for three years. Now, I?m living my dream of being an artiste. I want to leave a legacy in music and for my grand kids to say I was a great musician, and I put Takoradi on the map. We?ll see what happens.

A message to your fans?
PK: I love each and every one of them! Keep doing what you?re doing. Follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Listen to the inner you!! God bless!!


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