Parents urged to control children use of social media


The Anloga District of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) in the Volta region has urged parents to help control their children on the use of social media.

“Social media has several influences on children, and they must be guided when dealing with the internet.”

Madam Emmanuella Woelikplim Afetorgbor, the assistant Civic Education officer of NCCE, told the Ghana News Agency that parents must take full responsibility of what children do on social media to protect their safety and future.

She said many children abuse social media while others purposefully use the internet.

Some of the effect of social media include watching of pornographic contents, peer pressure, smoking, and teenage pregnancy.

“It is the responsibility of all to make sure children use social media and the internet judiciously. We must control and restrict them from abuse,” she said.

Madam Joyce Adzo Xenyo, a member of the civic education team at Anloga, added that parents must control their children on the channels and appropriate time to watch television when at home.

She further stated that children must be educated on the good aspects of phones, television, computer, and the internet such as research and learning.

She also advised parents to inculcate good moral life into children to avoid social deviance in the communities.

Parents were also advised to give birth to a reasonable number of children they could cater for to prevent undue burden on them.

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