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Participants Urge NPA to Improve LPG Distribution and Affordability

Cylinder Recirculation Model
Cylinder Recirculation Model

Participants at a town hall meeting about the Cylinder Recirculation Model (CRM) have called on the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) to ensure the policy makes LPG distribution easier and more affordable. They also stressed the importance of ensuring LPG is always available, as it can run out at any time.

The meeting, held at the Eusbett International Conference Centre (EICC) in Sunyani, included traders, security agencies, Market women, artisanal groups,  as well as traditional leaders. They gathered to discuss the implications of the CRM and its potential to revolutionize the way LPG is distributed and used in Ghana.

The CRM is a new system where consumers bring empty LPG cylinders to exchange points and receive filled ones. The empty cylinders are sent to bottling plants, refilled, and returned to exchange points. Under this system, consumers do not own the cylinders and only pay for the LPG they use. This model aims to streamline the process, making it more convenient for users and ensuring a steady supply of LPG.

The CRM aims to improve safety and make LPG more accessible. The town hall meeting aimed to educate the public about CRM and the benefits of switching from firewood and charcoal to LPG. Participants expressed their enthusiasm for the initiative, noting that it could significantly reduce the health risks associated with traditional cooking methods, such as respiratory issues caused by smoke inhalation.

Bono Regional Manager of the NPA, Mr. Kwadwo Odarno Appiah, explained that soon, communities will have cages where people can access LPG without traveling far. He emphasized that anyone can go to a cylinder exchange point, register, and get a cylinder, paying only for the LPG. This convenience is expected to encourage more people to switch to LPG, enhancing both safety and environmental sustainability.

Mr. Appiah noted that the government has addressed several barriers to LPG use with the CRM. He encouraged LPG marketing companies and dealers to adopt the CRM, as it will improve operations, increase consumer access, create jobs, and add value. He highlighted the potential economic benefits, including job creation and the development of a more efficient LPG distribution network.

He assured that the NPA has measures in place to supply LPG to all communities without requiring long-distance travel. This effort is part of a broader strategy to make LPG a more viable option for households across Ghana, reducing reliance on less safe and environmentally harmful fuels.

Npa X
Npa X

Mr. Appiah also mentioned ongoing discussions with service providers, industry experts, and stakeholders to ensure successful implementation, along with consumer education campaigns on CRM and LPG safety. These collaborations are crucial for addressing any challenges that may arise and ensuring that the CRM benefits all Ghanaians.

Sunyanihemaa, Nana Akosua Dua Asor Sika Brayie II, praised the NPA for their efforts in educating the public and urged them to continue their outreach. She stressed the importance of ongoing public education to ensure that everyone understands the benefits of CRM and is encouraged to make the switch to LPG.


The town hall meeting concluded with a strong consensus on the need for continuous engagement and collaboration between the NPA, the government, and the public to ensure the successful rollout of the CRM. Participants left with a sense of optimism and a shared commitment to promoting safer, cleaner, and more efficient cooking solutions for all Ghanaians.

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