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Pastor cautions youth against get-rich-quick attitude

Blood Money

Pastor Charles Ollu, a Pastor of the Deeper Life Bible Church has cautioned the youth against the get-rich-quick syndrome, popularly known as ‘Sakawa”.

He said a lot of young people engaged in such devilish practices, purposely to acquire riches, fame and power, had obtained them, but regretted, “caged and trapped in, unable to free themsleves”.

Pastor Ollu, a Pastor at the New-Dormaa location of the Church in the Sunyani Municipality gave the caution when delivering a sermon at the Abesim Central Youth Division of the Church at 2022 Christmas Retreat, held Abesim, near Sunyani.

About 50 young boys and girls drawn from Tanoso, Komkom and the Abesim locations of the Church attended the four-day retreat.

“The devil cannot give you any genuine money, but to put you into unbreakable bondage. You can’t serve the devil and enjoy life because suc life is a burdensome life”, he told the young people.

“If you want real security in life, then accept and give your life to Jesus. These Sakawa boys and girls you see them are always doing sacrifices they are unwilling to do”, he stated.

Pastor Ollu said many of the “Sakawa” boys and girls were actively into alcoholism, drug abuse and unhealthy lifestyles because “the devil has pushed them into it”, and advised unsuspecting youth not to be envious of such people, saying “they have rather envious of you”.

“So please don’t go and join them because they are into perpetual bondage. You are soo lucky to be born by godly parents and never try to join them and regret because that would be too late”, he said.

Pastor Ollu said any young person who preserved his or her virginity, served God faithfully, and concentrate on whatever he or she is doing either education, trade or vocation would “never see poverty”, saying “we don’t serve God truly and sincerely and regret because God has never disappointed anybody and you are not the one He will dissappoint”.

Pastor Francis Kodom, another Pastor of the Church at the Agozokrom location of the Church also advised the youth against sports betting, saying such practice was also being influenced by the devil.

He therefore advised the youth to strive for righteousness and live holy lives, saying that remained the standard which God had set for his children.

Pastor Kodom said the youth could live holy lives because here, saying if “if you can’t live a holy life here, then it would be difficult for you to do so hereafter. With holiness, the devil can’t touch your life or future and that is why the devil doesn’t want you to do that’, Pastor Kodom added.

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