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Pastor Warns Public to be Mindful of Bad Company


Pastor Eric Appah Marfo of the Resurrection Power and Living Bread Ministries International, Cape Coast branch, over weekend called on Christians to be circumspect about the company or associations they entertain.

Pastor said social associations are a very important part of our existence due to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and financial support provided by progressive associations.

“But we need to walk in wisdom and not entertain every kind of association because many businesses, marriages and churches have collapsed because of certain people were allowed into key areas,” Pastor Marfo said.

Pastor Marfo, who was preaching on the topic: “Be mindful of the associations you entertain,” quoted from Jonah 1:1-15 which centered on the disobedience of a Preacher.

He said God had given specific instructions for Jonah to go to Nineveh but he decided to join a ship bound for Spain in order to hide from God; and his disobedience brought repercussions to himself and all those onboard the ship.

Pastor Marfo said in the Ghanaian social setting, the ship mentioned in Jonah’s account could represent one’s ministry, business, or marriage, and that the kind of people we entertain in our lives could either bring blessings or troubles to us.

“Jonah wasn’t a bad person and looked very innocent from his appearance but he had disobeyed God and as such incurred His wrath which endangered the lives of all the other people with him in the ship.

“There are people like that at our schools, workplaces churches and everywhere in our society whose only desire is to go their own path different from the laid down set of rules.

“They are in the habit of breaking laws. Your association with such people can create lots of problems for you,” he said.

“Your disobedience to instructions at your workplace can make you lose that job. You may be the breadwinner in your family and so your family together with all those dependent on you will suffer at the end of the day”, he added.

He said sin and lawlessness could never go unpunished irrespective of one’s position in the society and that the systems put in place by society and government to check evil would sooner or later catch up with us if we break laws.

Pastor Marfo said “the only way the sailors could escape the storms was to throw Jonah out, the only way we could also handle people of such nature and be free from the troubles that accompanied them was to break ties with them”.

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