Pastors advised to get gazetted

Apostolic Elevation ceremony
Apostolic Elevation ceremony

The Bishop Dr Albert Ken Dapatem, Deputy Prelate, Dominion College of Bishops, has advised the clergy to gazette themselves and their churches to authenticate their activities.

He said gazetting would grant them the legal backing to officiate religious ceremonies and protect them from hazards associated with ministry work.

“Gazetting is very important even though many ministers of the Gospel don’t see the need. Some preachers have landed in serious trouble with some currently in prisons because they were not gazetted. Until you get into trouble, you will never appreciate the importance of being gazetted,” he said.

The Bishop gave the advice during an Apostolic Elevation ceremony organised for Prophet (now Apostle) Williams Medad Kobiah in Accra.

He urged every unlicensed Minister of the Gospel to immediately visit the Registrar-General’s Department to initiate the process of gazetting.

The Bishop also urged District Assemblies to carry out checks to ensure churches had been gazetted and encouraged church members to question their church leadership on such matters.

“What many people don’t know is that if a pastor or church premise isn’t gazetted, it is unwise to hold marriage ceremonies at such premises or allow that pastor to officiate your wedding. Such weddings are invalid,” he said.

The Bishop said the Dominion College of Bishops could offer assistance to anyone interested in being gazetted.

He urged ordained ministers to enrol in recognised and chartered Bible Schools to receive formal training and improve upon their knowledge in the Ministry.
Bishop Dr Dapatem, also the officiating Minister, said Apostle Kobiah deserved the elevation because he had proven himself worthy through his exemplary character, service and experience in Ministry.

Bishop Peter Koomson, Programme Director of Dominion College of Bishops and co-officiating Minister, advised pastors to submit under authority, comport themselves and remain humble at all times.

He said the College was always available to train men and women of God to promote sanity in the space.

Apostle Williams Medad Kobiah, Founder of Higherlife Church, London, said the elevation marked another chapter in his ministry and a new door of responsibility for him.

“More elevation calls for more work. The body of Christ should expect more work from me, winning of more souls and touching more lives,” he added.
Apostle Kobiah, also the Founder of Medad Kobby Foundation, called for support for Ministry work.

Medad Kobby Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that seeks to enhance the lives of the less privileged through humanitarian assistance.
He urged everyone to take salvation seriously.

The Reverend Seth Franklin, Pastor in Charge, International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Worship Sanctuary, Dome Conca, and host of the event, lauded Apostle Kobiah’s selflessness and humanitarian deeds.

“Apostle Kobiah has been a friend for many years and has been a great inspiration and help to my ministry. The things he is doing demonstrates the practicality of the Gospel and everyone must learn from him,” he said.

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