Home Business Patronising locally made Goods will Stabilise Cedi’s value — Bono Minister

Patronising locally made Goods will Stabilise Cedi’s value — Bono Minister

Bono Regional Minister, Justina Owusu Banahene
Bono Regional Minister, Justina Owusu Banahene

The Bono Regional Minister, Hon. Justina Owusu Banahene is urging Ghanaians to patronise locally made goods saying it remains a way of stabilising the country’s currency value.

Justina Owusu Banahene noted that in the face of serious economic challenges confronting the nation, local production of goods and services “is a veritable way of addressing the challenges associated with our economy.

Bono Minister who disclosed this in an interview granted to a section of the media after Peduase Cabinet retreats reiterated that all Ghanaians must start imbibing the culture of patronizing our locally made goods and services in the interest of our national economic growth.

Hon. Justina Owusu Banahene noted that most foreign made goods are no longer affordable on account of the rate of our currency to foreign currencies. “Happily, most of these goods now have locally made ones. This is the time to patronize our locally made goods with all its benefits for the economy and the stabilization of our currency’s value.” She said.

Hon. Justina Owusu Banahene said to have a robust domestic economy of every country greatly depends on citizens’ taste for locally manufactured goods and services.

According to her though the campaign to whet Ghanaians’ appetite for made in Ghana goods and services has been intensified for some years , the efforts are yet to yield appreciable dividends”.

She said Products manufactured in Ghana can only be competitive on the international stage if Ghanaians make deliberate and conscious decisions to patronise locally manufactured products.

She said brands do well on the international market when they enjoy high patronage and support from their countries of origin.

Hon Justina Owusu Banahene explained that products made in certain countries enjoy good reputation globally because citizens of those countries prefer their own products to products from alien countries.

However, he said if a country’s citizens have a high taste for foreign made products, products made in that country struggle on the international market because they are considered inferior by their own people

“As Ghanaians, we need to support our own products. Ghana has a good name internationally. If we don’t like our products, it affects the image of goods made in Ghana,” she said.

Bono Minister believes Ghana can enjoy a reputation as a country that produces quality products and services if Ghanaians will develop a taste and acceptance for brands made in Ghana.

Bono Minister is asking Ghanaians to move a step further. With every piece of clothing they wear item of food they prepare for their meals, with every single thing they use, “let us ask ourselves how much of this is made in Ghana”. if it is not made in Ghana, let us ask ourselves if it could not have been made in Ghana,”.

She noted that there is no reason why a significant number of the items that were imported to use on a daily basis could not be made in Ghana. “If we are truly independent, we cannot allow our destiny to be determined by corporations, industries or individuals or exist beyond our national borders and that is precisely what we are doing when the majority of what we consume come from outside.

In conclusion, the Bono Minister said “time to think for ourselves is now, made in Ghana is the way to go, starting with all of us, that is the only way to shore up the cedi’s, lets us reason together”.

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