Mr Jaffer Sabodo

Investors have been advised to tap opportunities available in pawpaw farming following high demand in world market.The advice was given by Mr Jaffer Sabodo, a veteran businessman, who believes that the crop is currently on high demand.

“Pawpaw is widely consumed in India and China…, so the market is there, and the start-up capital is not very big,” he said.Mr Sabodo, who used to be chairman of Sabodo and Sabodo Group of companies, said this in Dar es Salaam over the weekend while addressing a press conference.

“Tanzania has enough arable land suitable for cultivation of pawpaw but unfortunately the people here do not prefer the fruit. It is a lucrative crop and investors can produce for export,” he said.

Mr Sabodo noted that had it not been for his old age and health problems, he would himself invest in the area.He advised his friend from UK, Mr Mehboob Lilani, who was born in Lindi Region, to direct part of his 75,000 million US dollar proposed investment into pawpaw farming.

Mr Lilani who left for UK in 1974 said that he was impressed with the way the country had developed in terms of infrastructure and modern buildings.“I cannot believe what I am seeing today, it is indeed spectacular looking at the nice roads that have been constructed and nice buildings for business apartments, I am very much convinced that this is the right place to invest,” he said.

Mr Lilani who also owns two companies in UK in a joint venture with his colleagues noted that he was looking forward to open an office in the country as soon as possible from where investment plans would be engineered.

“I am planning to visit Lindi where Mr Sabodo and I were born, I just want to get to see how the town is faring and see where there are opportunities for investment,” he said.

According to him, through his company, Spice Magic Ltd, he owns a hotel in UK where he promotes Indian foods, admitting that his company spends so much in importing pawpaw from India.

“My brother’s advice is vital as pawpaw is a crucial food and my wife also has invested in pawpaw cultivation in India,” he said.In another development, Mr Lilani noted that he was glad to hear that uranium has been discovered in Tanzania and that he was also interested in the area.

Mr Lilani also called on massive investment in education to empower people so that the indigenous can play a key role in providing skilled services to various investments taking place in the country.

By ABDULWAKIL SAIBOKO, Tanzania Daily News



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