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PDL Salutes Sierra Leonean Workers On May Day

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May Day is internationally celebrated on May First of every year, to recognize the effort of millions of workers around the world. In order to honour the contribution of working women and men, the People’s Democratic League (PDL) is proud to join all Sierra Leonean workers once again to commemorate the achievements of Labour Movements around the world.


May Day is also known as Labour Day or International Workers Day. This day is an official holiday in most countries.


The history of May Day can be traced as far back as to May 1, 1886 when Labour Unions in the United States of America decided to embark on a protest to demands an improved environmental working hours, including demand that workers should not be allowed to work more than eight hours a day. 


This protest was immediately followed by bomb blast in Chicago’s Haymarket Square on May 4 of the same year. This resulted to the death of scores of people and Police Officers. At least hundred people were also injured in the bomb blast. 

May Day is celebrated irrespective of the role of individuals. 


The People’s Democratic League is of the view that, without the devotion and contribution of the workforce, no country can afford to achieve progress, prosperity and sustainability. It comes to say therefore that, May Day strengthens the bond between workers despite their recognition. 


May Day is simply an occasion to safeguard the right of workers around the world. In Sierra Leone, the PDL wishes to remind workers that the hard-won social and economic gains that were chalked by generations of Sierra Leonean workers should not only be celebrated, but should carefully be guarded to ensure that they are not eroded by the increasingly inequitable distribution the nation’s wealth, abundant mineral and rich natural resources. 


Today, in the midst of socio-economic crisis and political uncertainty, Sierra Leonean workers continue to toil to generate wealth for the nation. Unfortunately also, the plight of the Sierra Leonean workers has robbed-off this year’s May Day celebration of its fanfares. Sierra Leonean workers face unjust and unfair world market prices for the country’s produces that are supposed to make life happy and abundance for all Sierra Leoneans. 


To the People’s Democratic League, May Day in Sierra Leone is a time for sober reflection on the prevailing reality on the ground: low paying jobs, backlogs of unpaid salaries and pensions, poor working environment, rising food and energy costs, poor living standards, mass unemployment and effect of unlimited dependency on the workforce, and most of all, the continuing division and dissension within the Sierra Leone Labour Congress (SLLC). With all these problems faced by Sierra Leonean workers, the situation is nowhere to end but becomes worsened as each year passes by.  


The People’s Democratic League remains committed to the right of workers in accordance with cherished international principles, and to the principle that workers in Sierra Leone deserve to be paid so that they can enjoy a decent living standard with the wealth of the nation. The conditions of the Sierra Leonean workers must be recognized on this day as it is their efforts that have helped Sierra Leone to breathe peace, stability and democracy. 


An alternative world is possible where workers can produce what they need in order to use it, and where they all have a say in what they make. On this day of May Day, we call on all Sierra Leonean workers to cast away illusions and unite against abuse of right of workers. 


The People’s Democratic League urges trade unions in Sierra Leone to find the courage, maturity and strength to forge a better relationship with each other, and being united for the social and economic benefits of their members, they so richly deserve. The PDL hopes that Sierra Leonean workers will see this year’s May Day as an occasion to unite around issues of national importance to all Sierra Leoneans. 


PDL pays tribute to all Sierra Leonean workers and wish all Sierra Leoneans a happy and peaceful International Workers Day, 2024! 




Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh

Founder and National Leader

The People’s Democratic League

For and on behalf of PDL members in and outside Sierra Leone

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