The Parliamentary Candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency, on the ticket of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP), William Dowokpor, has observed that, ensuring a peaceful December 2012 general elections is as much the responsibility of the ordinary Ghanaian and the youth as it is the political parties?and contestants.
He said ?there will be peace before, during and after the December elections if ordinary Ghanaians, especially the youth, who constitute an overwhelming majority of the electorate, take a stand to punish or reward contesting parties and candidates based on their adherence to the dictates of the 2012 political parties code of conduct?.


William Dowokpor observed that the proverbial ?Ordinary Ghanaian? had the power to compel political parties and their activists to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner; ?if all the religious groups praying for peace, civil society groups preaching and walking for peace would take a stand and send this clear signal that we the ordinary people will reject candidates and parties engaged in violence at the polls, no one will throw a stick or a stone at any one in this election year?.


The PPP candidate gave the charge when he addressed members of the Ghana Prisons Children Youth Association (GPCYA) after a ?Peace Walk? in support of peaceful elections in the country, over the weekend.


He charged the electorate to be assertive in determining that good people with a deep understanding of good governance, who walked the talk of integrity and incorruptible leadership, were elected in the upcoming elections.


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