Pedaling for Purpose: Five Friends’ Quest to Inspire

Don Milla
Don Milla

Happy Monday and welcome to a brand new month! It’s a month that brings us closer to the incredible Success in Motion epic bike ride, embarking on a journey from November 1st to November 11th, 2023. Picture this: Five remarkable friends, each with their unique talents and backgrounds, are about to take on an extraordinary challenge that will test their limits and determination.

Meet Julius, a music teacher; Pious, an architect; Enoch, a dedicated security guard; Anita, a dynamic human capital executive; and Michael – Don Milla, a visionary entrepreneur and Mental Catalyst. Together, they will pedal their way from the vibrant city of Accra in the south of Ghana to the enchanting town of Tamale in the north, covering a staggering distance of 1300 kilometers in just 10 days.

These friends have been on an incredible journey of preparation for the past four months. Imagine starting their day at 4 a.m., getting to the training grounds, and then commencing their intense group training sessions at 5 a.m. They’ve focused on building endurance, mastering the art of riding fast for extended periods, and even engaged in trainer sessions using stationary bikes with varying levels of difficulty. But that’s not all; some of them have gone the extra mile, incorporating yoga, swimming, tennis, walks, and jogs into their private routines.

Now, as we step into the month of October, there’s a burning question on everyone’s mind: Can these everyday heroes conquer the gruelling challenges that lie ahead? They’ll be battling the scorching sun, navigating potholed roads, dealing with the chaotic traffic, and confronting their own doubts, both mental and physical.

The truth is, we can’t predict with certainty whether they will succeed, but what we do know is that they will pour their hearts and souls into this endeavour. Why, you may ask? Because their mission goes far beyond the thrill of the ride. It’s about raising awareness for mental health, a cause that resonates deeply with each one of them.

As the countdown begins, we invite you to stay tuned and continue supporting us, just as you have been doing. For more information and updates on their journey, kindly visit and

May their courage and determination inspire you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. We’d also like to extend a heartfelt acknowledgment to our coaches, Wizzy and Isaac, for their unwavering leadership and guidance.

This is not just a bike ride; it’s a testament to the boundless human spirit and the power of coming together to make a positive change. Join us on this epic adventure, and let’s embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead!

Live Smart
Love Always

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