Penelope Cruz Strips For PETA


Penelope Cruz for PETA

On Feb. 2, PETA unveiled the latest celebrity to bare their billboard body for the anti-fur campaign – and doesn’t Penelope look great?

What do Khloe Kardashian, Eva Mendes and Elisabetta Canalis all have in common? They’ve all posed in the nude for the animal rights organization! Now you can add sexy Hollywood star Penelope Cruz to that list as well!

PETA’s Lisa Lange explained, “Penelope Cruz has appeared on every ‘best-dressed’ list in the world, and the one thing you’ll never see her wearing is fur.”

With her head turned and those doe-eyed brown eyes looking over her shoulder upon Manhattan’s garment district, you can see how she snagged Hollywood hubby, Javier Bardem.

“PETA couldn’t ask for a more fitting emblem of the modern, glamorous woman who knows that there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who has a look that kills without anyone having to die for it,” Lisa revealed.

While Penelope is known for her animal loving lifestyle, adopting rescue cats and dogs, perhaps one of PETA’s top targets, Kim Kardashian will take note and join Penelope and her sister Khloe in the campaign.

This week Penelope is teaming up with the organization, but come Fashion Week in London and Milan, you can be sure even more celebrities will be disrobing for the good cause.

By Kaitlyn Monteiro, Hollywood Life


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