Pensioners Must Avoid Refined Carbohydrates ? Mr. Tsikata


Life can be enjoyed with absolutely no health problems even in old age if one IMG-20150803-WA0001eats the right food at the right time in the right proportion.

This was disclosed by the Chief Executive Officer of Tsikarts Mr. Eric Tsikata last Tuesday at koforidua.

He was speaking at a seminar organized by Tsikarts and Sheeba Links for The Ghana Government Pensioners Association of the Eastern Region.

The seminar dubbed “the challenges and beauty of old age was aimed at educating the elderly on the possibility of living healthy during old age.

“Your body needs nutrients from good food to keep you healthy. Eating balanced diet will surely keep your body in its ideal shape however, over eating a good diet is unhealthy and could distort your looks”, he said.

Mr. Tsikata encouraged the aged to drink enough water so as to prevent dehydration and also cleanse the body of toxins.
“Water helps your body to function well. You do not have to feel thirsty before you take water. Make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water everyday”, he added.

According to him, too much consumption of salt depletes the body of calcium thereby causing ones bones to become weak.

He also advised the pensioners to avoid the excessive use of refined carbohydrates and processed food and rather take whole meal, such as oats, unpolished maize, brown bread, etc. and fruits and vegetables which are packed with fiber necessary for digestion, metabolism and general cleansing of the body.

He noted that eating very late in the night and just before sleep may cause obesity and therefore must be avoided.

Mr. Tsikata also cautioned against the high intake of alcoholic beverages, sugar and caffeinated drinks.

He stressed the need for adequate rest and also exercises to stay healthy.
From: Raissa Sambou

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