Written by Obinna Akukwe
Bishops and pastors under the aegis of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Enugu State Chapter have alleged the rigging of the recently concluded election which led to the election of new helmsmen in the manner the ruling party rigs elections in Nigeria.
This was part of the allegations contained in the petition signed by the defeated chairmanship candidate in the election and pastor of Living Praise Chapel, Maryland, Rev Dr Emeka Okoye. Rev Okoye had already sent copies of his petition to the National President of PFN, Bishop Felix Omobude. Bishop Omobude, in his reaction had asked the South East Chairman of PFN, and General Overseer of Assemblies of God Church, Rev Prof Paul Emeka, to investigate the allegations and report back to him.
Rev Emeka Okoye was the anointed candidate of most reputable Pentecostal elders in the land especially the Archbishops, Bishops and Apostles of high standings who belongs to Special Advisory Committee (SAC). Speaking??to Concerned Igbo Clerics on mediatory mission led by Rev Obinna Akukwe on the matter, Rev Okoye alleged that in order to perpetuate electoral fraud, the outgoing state Chairman and founder of Rock Family Church, Bishop Dr Obi Onubogu and the former??Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria( CAN) South East, Rev Dr Joseph Ajujungwa mobilized members of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigerian Police Force and another equally armed detachment of the Civil Defence Corps to the Rock Family Church venue of the election, with intent on intimidating all the Archbishops, Bishops and Pastors who gathered to either vote or observe the voting processes.
Rev Emeka alleged that Bishop Onubogu unilaterally enlarged the membership of SAC without the approval of the old SAC members and the new members were instructed to vote against him in the said poll. He is claiming that most SAC members that voted in that election are illegal and that the election that brought in Rev Godwin Madu as the new PFN Chairman fell below every acceptable Christian standard.
Archbishop Austin Nwodika of Throne of Grace Mission had described the election of Rev Godwin Madu as fraudulent and had told all that cares to listen that the process is unbecoming of servants of God. Another equally influential cleric, Bishop Dr Edward Ezenwafor had in a forum described the election as handiwork of hell and asked the usurpers to beg for forgiveness from God. Bishop Dr Tim Obidike had described the election as a sham and a disgrace to the Pentecostal Family and asked Bishop Onubogu not to allow the devil to use his tenure to destroy the church. Pastor Emma Ogidiolu of Triumphant Christian Church is insisting that it is the elders that should appoint the new chairman since the tenure of the outgoing chairman was done by selection. He said that election done through the back door cannot glorify God.
A beneficiary of the election??and newly elected Vice Chairman, Bishop Goddy Nnaji of??Revival Time Mission, Awkunanaw, an emotion laden sermon on the day of the inauguration of the new executives, described the election as unfair and asked the pastors to get back to their roots in Jesus Christ.
Prophet Ugo Wems of Beautiful Gate Assembly had sworn that Rev Emeka Okoye will never be the PFN Chairman because he has questionable characters.??Rev Joseph Ajujungwa who conducted the election told some pastors that there are petitions against Rev Okoye which he deliberately played down for the sake of peace.
In his defence, Bishop Obi Onubogu, immediate past chairman of the body told Concerned Igbo Clerics led by Rev Obinna Akukwe that it was the PFN National President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor who authorized him to expand the membership of SAC since the former members were not up to date with their financial dues. He said that the election that trumped up Rev Godwin Madu, State Pastor of Grace of God Mission, was done with respect to due process and that losers should put their faith in God and allow peace to reign. Bishop Onubogu asked the Pentecostal fathers in the land not to pull down the house of God because of an election. He advised Rev Okoye to accept the outcome of the election in good faith and wait God?s time for him.
?The enlarged SAC membership included the State Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries and other popular ministries in the city. Bishop Obi Onubogu has the support of the enlarged members of SAC and some notable ministers like Rev Joseph Ajujungwa, Prophet Ugo Wems, and Pastor Tony Ochu among others. Rev Celestine Obi of Royal Praise Chapel had called on all feuding parties to sheath sword for the sake of the gospel and instead concentrate on how to bring the Word with more power.


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