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wpid-Ebola-virus-victim.jpgBy Chris Bapuohyele

At about 20:30Hrs GMT, Wednesday, 30th July, 2014, I received an e-mail requesting me to pray for ?Two Americans working for Samaritan?s Purse to battle the deadly Ebola virus plaguing Liberia, who unfortunately have both tested positive for the terrible virus and are fighting for their lives?.It added, ?Dr. Kent Brantly, medical director for the Samaritan?s Purse care center serving the Liberian capital of Monrovia, and Nancy Writebol, part of the joint Serving In Mission/Samaritan?s Purse team, are currently undergoing intensive treatment at an isolation center in ELWA Hospital?.
This was before my daily night prayer time of 21:00-22:00 hrs GMT with my family. No doubt, we pleaded for the mercies of the Most High One upon the couple and all others in same situations.

The seriousness of EBOLA against life hit me much more strongly when the following morning (07/31/14) I watched on television my earliest press address yet by the Government of Ghana in an overflowing conference room in Accra with a large international community in attendance talking about EBOLA, as early as 9:00Hrs GMT!

Hearing the word ?EBOLA? sends chills down the spines of people because it is a virus that kills within days in 90% of cases! This terrible virus was discovered by Prof. Peter Piot in 1976 in the Sudan and Congo areas of Africa and has since plagued the world with periodic outbreaks?always in Africa.

EBOLA, however, made its first outbreak in West Africa in February 2014 and has since claimed 729 lives, as I write, mostly in the Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone area. Just recently, it was reported to have killed its first victim in Nigeria. This Nigerian casualty has raised the scare in Ghana.

Government of Ghana and its healthcare professionals seem to be panicky; wanting to stop EBOLA from infesting the population but not knowing how! Their strength is in the precautionary measures taken to screen travelers at some entry points into the country and warnings to keep away from bats and chimps, and their meats!

The EBOLA virus can live in bats and chimps without killing them! It seems to be pro-life in them and obviously not anti-life!! This truth may be the clue from the Almighty as to how to rid humans of EBOLA! For now, one must be careful not to allow body fluids from these animals or persons (dead or alive) infested with EBOLA to gain entry into one?s body, in order to keep self alive!

Is EBOLA new to mankind? No! My spiritual mind tells me EBOLA far predates its 1976 discovery by Prof. Piot! EBOLA has been around since the days of Adam! You see, before the Fall of Man, the EBOLA virus was in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, but not deadly to them!!

Don?t forget, EBOLA, like all other viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, parasitic micro-organisms, etc?which are known to cause diseases in man today?is a part of the Creation of the Creator!! By the Will of the Creator, EBOLA and all these must be a part of our life-sustaining ecosystem that He made to His Glory!!

So how come EBOLA became a killer to man, while sparing the chimp, baboon, gorilla, etc, man?s seeming ?look-alike? deemed as even having an inferior life-type?

The answer is: SIN! Sin, by definition in The Bible, is the transgression of Elohim?s law!!?cf. First Yochanan (John) 3:4. Sin, when committed, attracts the death penalty from the Creator; and diseases or sicknesses from EBOLA or whatever, come announcing the coming death!

Chimps and bats are without laws to obey or be judged by and so are without sin!! Sadly, this is not so for mankind! The Creator has given mankind laws, any of which, when broken, constitutes sin drawing His death penalty. The soul that sins shall die!?cf. Yechezkel (Ezekiel) 18:20 and Romans 6:23.

But how did man attract this death penalty? How come man lost the peace the Creator established between him and EBOLA and other micro-organisms? How come killer-EBOLA?

Sometime ago, an angel called Lucifer who served Elohim in Shomayim (Heaven) later decided to fight to usurp His Throne, mutinying with 30% of the angels in Shomayim only to lose the ensuing war and, so, was cast down to Earth!

Upon reaching Earth, Lucifer became envious of the peace mankind?s progeny?Adam and Eve?was enjoying with their Maker. Mankind?s loyalty to his Maker earned him the reward of being given dominion over all of Creation; making man next to his Maker!

All Creation?mosquitoes, tsetse flies, snakes, lions, etc?lived with man in submission to him. None dared hurt or do a thing against man who the Creator made to be His representative over them! All Creation, including EBOLA, saw the Creator-image in mankind and dared not harm them or leave their ordained habitats to infest their bodies!

Lucifer sought to extend his hatred of his Maker to man, who was living in a fellowship with Him by destroying this fellowship. Eventually, Lucifer succeeded!! He deceived mankind into eating a fruit he was forbidden to eat!


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