King Ayisoba visited Happy FM?s Showbiz Xtra over the weekend and revealed what it took to be an international artist.


?My secret is working hard? Ayisoba said.?Our sound is okay, the difference is made by us the artists. If we copy from the west, then they won?t like our music or want to see us perform?.

?They want originality. They feel you have to present them with your African style. It?s the instruments, voice, what you look like, what you do; that make them like what you do. It has nothing to do with the sound.?
?Performing to Ghanaian crowd abroad doesn?t make you international. When it comes to international performances, we are talking about performing for expats?.

The I Want To See You My Father hitmaker revealed,

?Last year, I played thirty-five shows across Europe and only metEbo Taylor and Wanlov at some point. I also met Atongo Zimba a lot.If I?m not mistaken, I think Ebo Taylor tours more than any other Ghanaian artists even though he is seven-nine years now?.

On what the King of Kolgo music thought of budding Ghanaian songstress, Wiyaala, he said,
?I think she has some African sounds going but her beats is sounding very western and that?s not what Angelique Kidjoe did, that?s not what Miriam Makeba did. What we fear as Ghanaians is being true to ourselves and our sound.?
?If we did, a lot of our artists will be playing on the international stages?.


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