The Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled (GSPD), has advocated the increase of its share of the district assemblies? common fund (DACF) to five per cent.
Ghana Federation of the Disabled, International Disability Day, Tamale, Ghana    March through the main streets of Tamale to the Police Park     Theme of the day "Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Action on Development - The Challenge  Memenato IbrahimMr David Aniah, Project Manager of GSPD in charge of the Upper East made the suggestion in an interview with Ghana News Agency in Bolgatanga, during a dissemination forum organised by the STAR-Ghana, a multi-donor pooled organisation and Word FM Project, at the weekend to publicise findings on the disbursement of the DACF.
He said considering the current economic crisis, the two per cent allocation to the society out of the DACF is woefully inadequate and could not help members to be able to undertake any viable business for their upkeep.
Mr Aniah said since 2010 the money had not been increased.
Among the key findings of the findings showed that there was no level of transparency in the disbursement of the funds as well as lack of information on the part of beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries were also paid on tables instead of the banks.
Mr Daniel Syme, Deputy Regional Minister, gave the assurance that the Regional Coordinating Council would play its supervisory and monitoring role efficiently to ensure that the assemblies pay money meant for persons with disabilities (PWDs).
Mr Peter Awane, Managing Director of Word FM explained that among the objectives of the programme was to empower the PWDs and other vulnerable groups to demand for their rights from duty bearers.

Mr Martin Akogti, Vice President of Eagle Leaders, a locally civil society organisation, commissioned to undertake the research asked duty bearers to desist from acts that exacerbate the plight of the vulnerable in the society.



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