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My Perspective on Anambra Central Senatorial Quest

unnamed (4)Like me or hate me, adirom agbazi kam data ego, at my age if i refuse to say it the hard way,to say the truth undiluted, when will i say it ? mgbe nnakpuo ani or when ?
Yes,they said Politicians are deadly and i agree but the truth is that, we cannot run away into caves and deep blue sea ,so that we can leave a level playing field for them.
Today i am not going to talk about my APGA, the Party that has what it takes to be pursued with vigor ,a party that rated as third majority in a Nation like Nigeria ,but owing to oke anya ukwu na oke ochicho, nenezienu ka esiri gbue onye amu ibi mma ,na ka osiri welu ze [see how they attacked a man with elephantiasis of the scrotum with a machete and see how he dodged].
I am a stickholder or is it called STAKEHOLDER in Anambra Central Senatorial Zone ,so it is with passion that i am going to look at those angling to represent me and my children in the house of Senate.
We have great men and women and there is no way we can send onye ofu ukwu to a pushing contest,after all it is only in the land of the Blind that one eyed man becomes the King but in my land where all the eyes are seening clearly ,we must not send another misfit to represent us.
My Father will always cry na ofu osisi adiro adu nwoke na anya ugboro abua ,we.ve

sent one before and he became a liability and this time moving forward ,ozo agaghi emezi.

DR CHRISTOPHER CHUBUEZE NGIGE ,ONWA na UKE,Idenna ,i greet you with a very sincere heart,i love your passion and drive,in the days of yore you kicked the behind of UBAH brothers ,you cheated Okija shrine ,you opened the eyes of the state and we saw that there is serious money in the Government ,infact you fought like a man and i will not give you much credit because you are IDENNA and we were born with such swagger that every other local government wishes they are called IDENNA.
Mana nwanna m nwoke kam gwagi eziokwu ana kuro mmiri [let me tell you the gospel truth] ,nwata ana erika bu na etinyere ya na nneya,you were able to knock Eselu round in Anambra because otiwaro slate,so with such swagger ,you went to the senate and for the whole 4 years ,you did not sponsor one single bill ,not that you did not support some bills ,mbanu ,you raise hand in support of NAY AND AIES ,then the speaker will shout the eyes has it [that is another stupid thing they do at the house ,how can he know by voice which one is more ? why not count them to know who said NO and who said yes,using voice is fraudulent because when the voices tally or get close enough the speaker will lean to the side he love most ,but that is discussion for another day].
Where was i ? ,yes that for 4 years you did not sponsor one single bill because of fear for Tinubu and Fashola,unless if we count the one you sponsored that empowered Gov Fashola to deport Umuigbo back to Upper Iweka or the one that you sponsored that gave APC the temerity to defile the OFALLA of OBI OF ONUICHA.
What i am saying is ,nwanna puta ba ooooo na ogbo ririgi na senate .
You can be a great retired godfather than to take another beating this time from a woman that knows her onions in HOUSES be it House of Rep or Senate.
I suspect that she may have root in Idemmili for her to have such a gut and drive ,but do not take it away from her ,she has her own drive ,passion ,the good side and the bad side but if you ask me ,and i will tell you even without you asking me ,that she is a woman we all can send to SENATE and go to sleep or jee zuruba draft having in mind that there is no way NDI KOGI will invade our soil again or that some Governor from the west and deport umuigbo without any reaction from our SENATORS.Or they will share our national cake and nke ndi ANAMBRA will be lost ,mbanu she is one woman asi ka eke eke ,osi ka azoba azoba maka na oga azota nke ya zota nke umunne ya [she is woman that believe she can get her dues and her people,s due no matter the odds staked high against her]
Idenna Chris Nwabueze Ngige i will beg you with a humble heart to give us an IDEMMILI grace by not going to the booth again and got beaten again for the 5th time.
I respectfully submit and?tomorrow?for day 2 and candidate 2 -THE READ LONG CAP
Mazi Odera
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