Petition to Interior Minister Raises Concerns Over Alleged Death in Police Custody

Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey
Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Keta Constituency, Hon. Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey has petitioned the Minister of Interior, Hon. Henry Quartey over the alleged manhandling of a middle-aged man by the Keta Police, leading to his tragic death.

News of the death of Henry Kpesenu, a popular resident of Keta in the Volta region broke after he was said to have been arrested and detained by the Keta Divisional Police following a complaint lodged against him by one of his tenants who was said to have tried installing an air conditioner in his apartment without the deceased’s consent, resulting in a dispute.

Multiple eyewitness accounts say the Police officers detailed to effect the deceased’s arrest resorted to intimidation, maltreatment, and physical assault by beating the deceased with electrical cables before bundling him to the Police station which many believe may have resulted in his tragic passing under suspicious circumstances.

This unfortunate incident according to the MP, has caused immense distress and outrage within the Keta Municipality “as we strongly believe that Mr. Kpesenu’s death was the direct  result of the unprofessional and brutal actions of the Police officers involved – such conduct is not only a violation of the professional and ethical standards expected of law enforcement officers but also a breach of the human rights of the deceased family man.”

The petition therefore called on the Interior Minister to call a full-scale investigation into the circumstances leading to the tragic incident.

It also called on the Minister to allow for an independent autopsy to be conducted at a highly respected pathology center in the country with costs covered by the Police to establish the true cause of death of the deceased.

Additionally, the petition called on the sector Minister to initiate or cause to be initiated, disciplinary and criminal proceedings against any officers or persons found culpable in the death of the deceased.

It further sought the immediate suspension of the officers involved in the matter to ensure an impartial investigation.

The petition finally called for regular updates on the progress of investigations and assurances that justice will prevail to forestall any breaches of the peace that a lackadaisical approach to the issue may occasion.

“This petition represents the collective voice of the concerned and law-abiding citizens of Keta both home and abroad – we have placed our faith in the Ghana Police Service to uphold justice and protect the rights of all citizens. This incident however has shaken our confidence in these values.

We respectfully urge your office to take swift and decisive action to address this grave injustice and restore faith in our law enforcement agencies – the community is counting on your leadership to ensure that justice is served for Mr. Jerry Kpesenu and to prevent such tragedies from recurring in the future,” the petition stated.

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