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PhD student seeks election as Hohoe NDC Parliamentary candidate

Politics Ndc Hohoe
Politics Ndc Hohoe

Madam Vera Yayra Yawa Hayibor, a PhD student at the University of Glasgow Law School, UK, has declared her intention to contest the upcoming parliamentary primaries of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Hohoe Constituency.

She said she had high chances of winning the election and as a youth, she was confident that the youth were behind her for the task.

Madam Hayibor, who is a former Research Assistant interacting with the media, said the NDC was the best Party in developing the Hohoe Constituency as well as the nation in general and she was ready to carry the mantle.

“Having more women in decision-making rooms such as parliament had significantly improved our economy and the world.”

“Decision-making is always better when women are at the table, and this is also essential for functioning and effective democracy.”

She said she had served the Party in the Constituency, region and national, while also an active party member abroad.

Madam Hayibor said she had fulfilled all her financial obligations to the Party in the quest for her development of the Party at home.

She noted that politics was a tool for development, and it was time for the youth to be part of the development and must play active roles to support the adults.

Madam Hayibor said contributing her quota to the Party in the Constituency was borne out of the experiences she acquired through her political life.

She said she believed the economic empowerment of women, which could be secured through laws, can help solve the global economic crisis especially in Ghana and the world at large.

Madam Hayibor said her position as a Women Organiser of the Party in Scotland led to the adoption of party Branches in the Hohoe Constituency for support as well as played key roles in the 2020 general elections in Hohoe.

“I believe one of the ways to stand up for the marginalised in societies is to join the discussion tables and represent the views of the minorities and be the voice for the voiceless in society.”

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