Photo Report – Accra’s Skyline Is Changing










Just sharing some pictures I took of the changing Accra Skyline taken early January 2012. New offices for international companies, new hotels, shopping Malls and aprtments.

Some things remain the same though (No urban planning or zoning, polytanks and lack of adequate wholesome drinking water, open gutters, ugly wooden signboards at every junction,containers and dilapidated kiosks e.t.c e.t.c. Wait for details in another photo report soon.

Sad no one is in charge of that beatiful city. With the backdrop of the Akuapim Mountains we should have done better.

Jeezzz How I wish I could be Mayor of Accra. That City needs to be seriously cleaned up and managed.

My Dad was the Principal Surveyor at the City Council (City Engineers Department) in early 70’s. The quality of life then was much better. I can vouch.

May be we shall get there eventually.

Any way enjoy the pics. Happy Easter to all the Christians out there.

By: Stephen Nyako

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