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120th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower – 120 years of the Eiffel Tower

y.caradec photos
Light to show the flow of the tower 120 years eiffelLight Show to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower www . Tour Eiffel. I / teiffel / en / news / page / news_list.h …

Island House Hotel – Hotel La Tour – scaffold – threatens demolition

ell brown photos
February 2012 Updates Hotel La Tour. Believe it should open in March 2012.A also got a shot at Island House, under the scaffolding. I saw the staff to develop échafaudages.J hope this is not démoli.Alors that I was free from her job at lunch time and decided to take another blow Island House. Was the local news recently – that the owners want to drop it. But many people want to rester.Un your old photos are here, A brief history of Island House, Joe Holyoak In A Albert Street Island House 1912-13 GE Pepper. Mannerist, ex. the opposite corner of the entry of orders: Doric and Ionic below, foreign languages ??and toscanes.De Birmingham Andy Foster.Island house was built offices and warehouses in Churchill & Co., and has parallels in other commercial and industrial buildings designed by Pepper, 75 Vyse Street Jewellery Quarter, built in 1909 , is now listed on English Heritage grade II. I do not know, this is Grade II – listed buildings or never find a spot in the British Gateway patrimoine.A Grade BS “Please do not demolish it!

Closing the Alaskan Viaduct

October 2010 – Media tour photos and video

WSDOT image
Alaskan Way Viaduct closed media tour of inspection in October 2010 provides a rare opportunity to see some of the positions for maintenance and inspection.

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