PHRNK Shares Debut Single “Holiday” and Intriguing Heist-Themed Music Video


Lagos-born rapper PHRNK, pronounced Frank, storms onto the music scene with his official debut single, “Holiday.”

This drill-themed track delves into the ethos of unwavering hard work, transforming ordinary days into a perpetual hustle. The release swiftly follows PHRNK’s decision to cover the viral hit “Jaga Jaga” by Nigerian artists Victony and Baby AV. Accompanied by a visually compelling music video shot by Nkulu Jacob, “ Holiday” portrays PHRNK and his cohorts orchestrating a heist with meticulous planning and execution.

The rapper’s journey unfolds against the backdrop of his relocation to South Africa in 2019, where he collaborated with fellow Nigerian rapper Capt.dyse, connecting with producers like Emino and others. PHRNK’s early career narrative weaves a tale of resilience, as he started penning rhymes over downloaded instrumentals before connecting with a record producer.

His passion for music led him on a journey from moving around his homeland to studying Political Science in The Republic of Benin in 2009. During this time, he recorded his first mixtape, setting the foundation for his evolving sound. As PHRNK continues to evolve, “No Holiday” serves as a testament to his dedication and commitment to the craft.

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