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Pluz Colour Code Festival Launched

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Following the massive success in our previous COLOURCODE held on 15th February 2020,7th August 2021 and 27th August 2022, we are delighted to present to your outfit this proposal regarding our next planned COLOURCODE hail as PLUZ COLOURCODE Festival.

Pluz Media would greatly appreciate the support of ARK FM in mobilizing our patrons in their huge numbers to participate in the pending event on 29th. JULY 2023 Pluz Media Events organized one of the most successful sociable and health walks (color festival) in the history of Sunyani as over seven thousand five hundred (7,500) Tertiary Students joined in our walk in high ecstasy.

About 95% of those who participated in the first, second and third edition of this color walk were students from the four Tertiary Schools in Sunyani (i.e. University of Energy and Natural Resources, Catholic University College of Ghana, Sunyani Technical University, Sunyani Nursing and Midwifery College and the College of health Yamfo) and Pluz Media exceeded its target in high excess.

Our core objectives for instituting this PLUZ COLOURCODE Festival are enormous. These includes;

Presenting a stress free platform that nourishes the interest of our stakeholders about the need to exercise and socialize.

Offering a platform for interaction amongst the student bodies in a stress free environment.

The PLUZ COLOURCODES will unite and deepen the relationship that exists between Tertiary,Senior High School in Ghana.

To gather people of varied personalities with varied professional backgrounds for brands to interact with.

Create a sustainable partnership with brands in implementing this project annually for the mutual benefits.

Offer brands the platform to prove their love for our targets through sponsorship of activity that goes to improve their health, life and socialization.

Current learning schedules and activities in schools make it difficult for most students to socialize and exercise their bodies to improve their health and well-being.

We have created the PLUZ COLOURCODE Festival that brings into consideration creating fun and excitement that is mixed with the walk to ensure lasting impression and ceaseless chant of encore would be the chorus of patrons after the event.

Holi colors, smoke grenades, brass bands, jama groups and spinning sounds would be deployed as some of the strategies to create the needed fun. A special invitation would be sent to the offices of the Student Representative Councils (SRC) of all the tertiary institutions, associations and groups as well as the various fitness and gym clubs to add to the heat and fun. Special aerobic sessions would be conducted at the end of the walk to show patrons the right way to do aerobics on their own.

The services of Ambulance service and the Ghana Red Cross Society would be utilized to ensure a casualty free event

A distance of not less than 10 kilometers comprising the principal street and other suburb streets would be covered during the walk and finally climax at a specific venues for aerobics and performance by Artist in the the evening.

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