PNC Chairman To Find Solution To The Ayariga Impasse

Hassan Ayariga
Hassan Ayariga

National Chairman of People’s National Convention, Alhaji Ramadan says the current deadlock between the party?s flagbearer and some leading members will be dealt with internally.

He noted that the rising in the party will be treated as an in-house issue.
He stated that “when i saw it on-air and i heard it. What i intend doing is that i am going to deal with it as an in-house issue. I will find time to call the leadership of the party and we sit together and find an amicable solution to this problem.”
“We should not be seen to be tearing ourselves up in public. We will certainly find a solution to it before the election.”
“It is unfortunate that this has happened at this late hour but certainly something must be done about it and we will do something about it from now up to the election.?
Some leading members of the People?s National Convention have heavily slammed their Presidential candidate, Hassan Ayariga, for misconducting himself at the second IEA Presidential debate.
They explained that Mr. Ayariga exhibited some inappropriate acts that threaten the survival of the party.
Atik Mohammed, Policy Analyst of the PNC, lashed out at Mr. Ayariga over suspicion that he is in bed with the National Democratic Congress and as a result tasked to do the bidding of the ruling party.
Atik Mohammed and some PNC officials resolved to denounce their Presidential candidate ahead of the 2012 December general elections.
According to the PNC National Chairman, the leadership of the party will hold a meeting to pose a solution to the impasse.
He admitted that the stand-off can have dire consequences on the fortunes of the party come December 7, hence the need for a resolution.
He stressed that the leadership of the party will “certainly sit together to find a solution to this problem? in order to go into the elections as a unified body.
In a related development, an Aide to Hassan Ayariga, Akani Adam has accused the Policy Analyst of the party of being induced by the opposition New Patriotic Party to oust Mr. Ayariga from his Presidential status.
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