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PNC Secretary Urges Bono MPs to Unite for Regional Development and Cashew Sector Improvement

Abdul Samad Nurudeen
Abdul Samad Nurudeen

The Bono Regional Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Abdul Samad Nurudeen, has called on Members of Parliament (MPs) in the Bono region to transcend party lines and form a unified Bono Caucus.

He emphasized that this collective effort is crucial to advance the developmental agenda of the Bono region, particularly in addressing the challenges facing the cashew sector.

Speaking at a dialogue meeting on cashew sector challenges organized by Cashew Watch Ghana and Star Ghana Foundation in Sunyani, Nurudeen highlighted the current lack of unity among the region’s parliamentarians.

He criticized the “every man for himself” mentality that prioritizes individual constituencies and party agendas over regional development.

“As it stands now, our parliamentarians are not united and are practicing an ‘every man for himself’ approach, which does not bode well for the development of our region,” he stated.

Nurudeen stressed the importance of the MPs putting aside their egos and working together for the greater good of the Bono region.

He pointed out that the region, being a hub for cashew production, could significantly benefit from a collaborative approach by its legislators.

“If the 12 MPs were united, the cashew sector would not experience such setbacks. Our region is the heart of cashew production, and we need to act like it,” he said.

He urged the MPs to team up and champion the interests of cashew farmers by advocating for their needs in parliament.

This includes voicing their aspirations, ensuring that policies and programs benefit cashew farmers, and addressing the numerous challenges the sector faces.

“Our MPs should be the voice for cashew farmers, ensuring that the policies and programs about cashew are truly benefiting the farmers,” Nurudeen insisted.

Nurudeen expressed disappointment over the low turnout of MPs at the meeting, noting that only two NDC MPs from Tain and Jaman North attended the event.

He reminded the MPs that they represent their constituents, not just their parties or personal interests.

“It is disheartening that out of 12 MPs invited, only two attended. They must remember they represent their constituents, not just themselves or their families,” he lamented.

He further criticized some MPs for failing to contribute to the drafting of manifestos that reflect the aspirations of their constituents.

This lack of engagement, he argued, has left the cashew sector facing numerous challenges that go unaddressed in parliamentary discussions.

“Many of our MPs don’t even contribute to drafting manifestos that reflect the aspirations of their constituents. This is why the cashew sector is facing so many challenges,” Nurudeen noted.

Nurudeen called on Cashew Watch Ghana to continue organizing such meetings to ensure that the voices of cashew farmers are heard and their issues addressed.

He stressed the importance of continuous dialogue and active participation from all stakeholders to drive meaningful changes in the cashew industry.

“I urge Cashew Watch to keep organizing these meetings. It is vital that cashew farmers are heard and their challenges are addressed,” he concluded.

The dialogue highlighted the urgent need for a cohesive strategy to support the cashew sector, which is a significant economic activity in the Bono region.

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