Mr Mark Woyongo, Minister of Interior says he is shock at the alleged involvement of the Director-General in charge of Police Human Resource, COP Patrick Timbilla, in the recent Police recruitment scam.


For him, he is not only ?surprised but also “shocked,” and that “If it is true, I will be shocked because I thought his rank is such that I don?t expect him to go down to that level. I want to believe that it is not true.?

It could be recall that hundreds of people thronged various Police training depots for enlistment but later found out it was all a scam.?COP Timbilla was subsequently put under house arrest for his alleged involvement in the scandal.
However, Mr. Woyongo said government is keenly following the development and will support any recommendation from the Police service.
He explained that ?after their investigation or after their report, if we are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation we can still ask for an independent organization to investigate this issue. That is why we are thinking of the establishment of an independent police commission. If independent commission was in place it would have investigated this issue.?

About nine persons have been arrested in connection with the scandal.
Meanwhile, the Police Administration has said the interdicted Director-General in charge of Police Human Resource, COP Patrick Timbilla is no more under house arrest.

The Inside Story:

The nation has been rocked with the news of the Police having arrested suspects including serving Police officers in connection with the?recruitment scam which occurred recently.

The police however announced that the suspects allegedly swindled prospective recruits promising to get them enlisted into the police service.

As result of the whole incident, hundreds of young men and women turned up at five police training depots last Saturday for enlistment into the Ghana Police Service, claiming they had received recruitment letters from the service.

However, the Ghana Police Service in its attempt to save its image and that of its leaders, denied the development describing it as a “Scam.”

Meanwhile, unadulterated documentary evidence gathered by The New Crusading GUIDE ?investigations have revealed a rather differing situation as against what the police is claiming.

Painstaking investigations conducted into the development have revealed that the said recruitment exercise was carried out by the Ghana Police Service after huge sums of monies have been paid to COP Patrick Eden Timbillah, Director General of the Human Resource Division of the Service.

This paper can say on authority that the it was COP Patrick Timbillah who signed and issued the letter of Offer of Enlistment Into The Ghana Police Service, recruiting the prospective applicants into the service.

In the said letter dated 13th February 2015, which was attached to the Prospectus for the Police Recruits, Patrick Timbillah stated that he was directed by the Inspector General of Police to appoint them into the Ghana Police Service as Police Recruits.

He further went on to request from the recruits to report to the Officer Commanding Police Training School at Koforidua on Saturday 28th February 2015 to undergo a minimum of six months Basic Police Training.

“While on training, you will be paid an approval allowance based on the current salary structure of the Police Service. To facilitate the opening of a bank account, you will be requested to bring along a valid National Identity Card i.e. a drivers license, voter ID card or travelling passport,” he directed.

He has also, by the same letter, informed the recruits that they will be assessed based on their ability to cope with the training and their general conduct.

The appointment/recruitment letter, this paper has gathered, was issued after huge sum of money was paid by these recruits, to COP Patrick Timbillah who requested for the said money before allowing them acquire jobs within the Ghana Police Service.

COP Patrick Timbillah, who after exchanging several text messages with one of the agents (name withheld) requested for the payment of the monies in time so he could facilitate their processes for them to meet the deadline.

The agent thus credited Patrick Timbillah’s Ghana Commercial Bank Account, No. 1181120007220, with an amount of Ten Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH?10,000) on 25th February 2015. The money was deposited at the Shiashie Branch of the GCB. This paper can confirm that numerous of money was deposited in the said account by the said agents.

Recruitment lists in the possession of this paper indicated that in Bolgatanga 136 have been recruited, Accra 108, Kumasi 111, Koforidua 134 and Ho 135.

All these recruits, according to information have all paid between GH?3,000 and GH?4,000 each just to join the service.

Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence and the Interior had launched investigations into the matter for the appropriate action to be taken.

Speaking to some agents whom the police described as fraudsters, they revealed that, they have been engaged in the deal together with top police officers including COP Patrick Timbillah in whose account the monies collected are deposited.

However, COP Patrick Timbillah is under house arrest since Police officers have been dispatched to the residence of the Director General of Police Human Resource and Administration to enforce a house arrest sanction slapped on COP Patrick Timbillah.

The interdicted Commissioner of Police has been implicated in a massive police recruitment fraud that hit the country last week.

Text messages intercepted by a special police taskforce set up to investigate the fraud show a trail of conversation between the interdicted police chief and some victims of the fraud.

Sources close to the Police Public Relations Department have revealed that COP Timbillah has been put under house arrest and would not interfere with subsequent investigation.
It was evident that shortly after the scandal broke COP Timbillah in his capacity as the Director General of Police Human Resource and Administration organised a press conference and swore to nail all involved in the scam.

He said recruitment into the police service is not like buying groundnut by the road side where anybody at all and without any procedure describing the whole process as a scam.

He said recruitment into the police service is thorough adding the so-called victims of the scam will be treated as suspects.



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