Stating that February 23, 2019 Presidential and national assembly elections are notoriously in competition with presidential election of 2007 as the most puerile charade ever staged in the history of Nigerian elections is not out of place. That puts Prof. Maurice Iwu and Prof Mahmood Yakubu’s names on the pages of infamous chapters of our history book. The two beneficiaries of these two elections are from the same state but world apart in thinking, approach and effect. The elections has come and gone but the future lies ahead with great uncertainties.

As the results were coming in the stock market was hitting the panic button which is a signal that President Buhari who has now been declared winner has a lot to do to inspire the return of market confidence. One of the momentary casualties of Buhari’s return is the restructuring of Nigeria which is an inevitable destination for Nigeria and the earlier the better but with Buhari who is a well-known anti-restructuring agent in power, it’s definitely going to be later. Everybody including the president knows that the economy does not run on body language or unnecessary delays as his first term that is now winding up taught him. He must also have learnt that unguarded comments compound whatever problems he intends to solve and government of exclusion of people with different ethnicity and creed as him will inevitably inspire lukewarmness that will slow down everything.

There is a very disturbing increase in the amount of threat of crisis, mayhem and death with the 2019 election coming from politicians themselves. Bola Tinubu who always refer to himself with a nonexistent post in the APC as the national leader is one of the politicians whose comments are not only below expectation but fatuous and genocidal. His comment that tax paying Igbo residents in Lagos on choosing whoever they wish to vote that is not in consonant with his choice should expect bad policy targeted specifically against them from the so called government of Lagos state is witless. That comment is the height of desperation and ludicrousness of thuggery and gangster politics. Tinubu should know that Igbos don’t take threat lightly and will further be motivated to troop out en-masse and thumbprint against his wish and wait for him on his threat. When you go out of the law to do anything against another, you are simply telling your opponent to meet you out of the law and lawless society is birthed. Maybe Tinubu’s old age is really affecting his rational thinking.

Other unfortunate political comments came from the likes of El-Rufai, Akpabio and Amaechi at different times of electioneering campaign. Governor El-Rufair has been presiding and governing the biggest killing field in Nigeria and his person and persona are nowhere near the solution to the killings. He even arrogantly narrated how he paid unknown killers in his state to stop the killings but apparently, they used the money to acquire more tools of death. He went ahead to threaten international observers with death before the national election on 23rd February.

Although no international observer was killed but his proclivity towards violence has been noted by all. Sen. Godswill Akpabio on the other hand threatened his state with an invasion that will be reminiscent of Germans’ invasion of Warsaw which took everybody by surprise as he has not been known to be an advocate of violence especially as a governor while in PDP. Thank goodness that Akwa Ibom people were civilized enough to refuse to follow his new love for violence since he switched parties. Transport Minister, Chibuike Amaechi’s case is different in the sense that he is driven by desperation to please his political masters at the expense of his people’s peace and growth. Amaechi has never been a grassroots politician but enjoyed the platform given to him by Dr. Peter Odili and Gov. Wike to get to where he is today. This is the fact many either do not know or hate to admit.

The militarization of the Rivers state election on 23rd of February has never been witnessed since the return of democracy in this country. Many lives were lost including that of an innocent ad-hoc staff of INEC, Mrs. Ibisekin Amachree who was helping her country conduct free and fair election. The agents of militarized Rivers election wanted her compromised or be killed and it’s unfortunate that she didn’t make it. She was obviously murdered to stop her from narrating the rigging process and those involved. She died for knowing too much and justice must be served on those responsible. Elections in Rivers State are too unsavory to even make history book since Governor Wike and Minister of Transport, Chibuike Amaechi who are hitherto friends took over the driving seat.

This cut throat style of politics APC is perpetuating in Nigeria will definitely have them in regrets when the unintended consequences sets in. No nation grows the way we run ours and APC is more thoughtlessly ruthless, foolish and abuser of power than the PDP ever was. It will serve President Buhari well and history will judge him better if he corrects the human created maladies of his first term and becomes the president of Nigeria and not the president of northern Nigeria.

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