Pollster Ben Ephson Jnr committed ‘419 Intellectual Fraud’, in his Election Analysis, says the leader of Ghanaians Abroad Coalition (GAC), Dr Kwame Mayor.
He said that Ben Ephson Jr’s own admission that in 2008, and 2012 Presidential Elections, Opposition Leader, Nana Akuffo Addo, actually got more votes than the Majority NDC Parliamentary Candidates, due to two Regions : (Ashanti Region, and Eastern Region) where there are more Voters, and where NPP gets more Votes — prove to Ghanaians around the World, and to the whole World that Ghana’s Electoral Commission rigged the 2008, and 2012 Presidential Elections, thus preventing Nana Akuffo Addo from becoming the legitimate elected President in 2008, and 2012.
? ?” Now the whole World knows how Electoral Commission’s Chairman, Dr. Afari Djan, (a well known sympathiser of ‘June 4th Terrorist Revolution’, and ‘PNDC Terrorist Revolution’, stages rigged Elections, including Kufuor’s Second Term in Office, which was actually rigged on behalf of former President John Agyekum Kufuor, who was once, a “Secret Agent” for PNDC Military regime, headed by former Military Junta leader, Jerry John Rawlings, whose regime barbarically assassinated the Martyred Judges, at the very time the Selfish, and Greedy Kufuor, was a member of PNDC ‘Blood-Thirsty”, and Anti-American Terrorist regime”, said the Ghanaian-born “America’s Mandela”.
It should be recalled that Opposition Leader, Nana Akuffo Addo’s Professional, and Talented Lawyer, Philip Addison, told the Justices hearing the Election Petition that “President Mahama had over 447,000 plus votes, more than his [own] NDC Parliamentary Candidates, which was bizarre”.
?The second point Lawyer Philip Addison made was that, “the NPP is in the Minority yet, they have over 112, 000 votes more than the NDC Majority”.

The ‘419 Politically-Motivated Pollster” — (Ben Epson Jr), pointed out that “in 2008, the NDC had a smaller Majority in Parliament yet, the NPP, which was a Minority, or Opposition Party, had 283,000 votes than the NDC Majority.

According to Ben Ephson, “it is simply because where NPP have their safe seats, there are more voters there, and that is why in 2008, Nana Akufo-Addo nearly became President with only two Regions?.
The Ghanaians Abroad Leader wondered why Ben Ephson failed to admit that the 2008 Presidential Election was also rigged, since he (Ben Ephson Jr) himself, has admitted to the whole World, that Opposition Leader, Nana Akuffo Addo, had more Votes in 2008, and 2012 than the NDC Majority in Parliament.?
? ? ?” I am not trying to help Kufour’s faction of NPP, which have always been absolutely wicked, selfish, greedy, and ungrateful to me. ?I just want to be fair”, said the Sophisticated Scholar.
? ? ? ?”Akuffo Addo should this time be declared the legitimate President of Ghana, and if he discriminates against me, just because I belong to CPP Tradition, and if he fails to give me Political appointment, or Ambassadorial position, I swear, he (Nana Akuffo Addo), will swallow his own “All Die be Die”, said the Pan-Africanist Royal Politician, whose very Biological Great Grand-Fathers, the Historical Occupants of Asanteman’s Adontenghene Chieftaincy Stool from Bamang, near the Kente weaving Village of Bonwire, in Ashanti Region, led all Ashantis’ Glorious Wars against Colonialism, and Imperialism, perpetuated by “our White British Bothers, and Sisters”.
Still, appealing to United Nations (U.N.) to immediately set up its own Supreme Court to hear International Appeals, especially on Election Disputes, and also, appealing to Ghana’s Supreme Court to establish “Sister Judicial Review” with United States Supreme Court, (since America is the World’s Most Advanced Democratic Country, and Leader of the Free World), —?Leader of Ghanaians Abroad Coalition (GAC),?Kwame Mayor??has publicly advised Ghana’s President, His Excellency, President John Mahama, who is the Defendant in the Election Petition, and National Democratic Party (NDC), to prepare to file Law-Suit against the Attorneys who represented them, for failing to provide Statistical, or Empirical Evidence to the Supreme Court to properly defend themselves, as NPP’s Lawyers reasonably did, to prove to the whole World that Opposition Leader, Nana Akuffo Addo, clearly, and definately won the 2012 Presidential Election, based on the Statistics his Attorneys presented not only to the Court, but to the General Public.
? ? ?”Whereas NPP’s Lawyers reasonably used Statistics, or Empirical Evidence to prove their Case to the Supreme Court, and to the whole World, Defense Lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata, who unfortunately lost his Powerful Legal Brain Power at the notorious Nsawam Prison, which he, and his uncle, Captain (retired) Kojo Tsikata, ironically, and symbolically used to help Rawlings, and Major (retired) Boakye Djan to torture, persecute, and execute their Opponents during ‘June 4th Terrorist Revolution’ — used his Mouth instead, to defend NDC.
The President’s Lawyer, Tony Lithur tried his best to defend his Client, but made the Greatest Mistake in the 21st Century when he failed to provide Empirical, or Statistical Evidence, like what NPP reasonably did.
? ?”This is a Case that Common Sense can convince any reasonable Human Being that even [if] you bribe the Supreme Court Justices hearing the Election Petition, they would [still] rule in favour of the Party that submitted Empirical, or Statistics Evidence, and cited the Constitution, in the watchful eyes of the whole World”
? ? ?”Even if you bribe the Justices, they would [still] rule against you, and throw you in Jail after taking your Money for free, [if] you failed to provide Empirical, or Statistical Evidence to support your Case”, the Moralist Politician warned both Parties.
“Osagyefo Dr” Kwame Mayor says he just wants to be fair in his Intellectual analysis, reminding Ghanaians around the World that although he would like to join NDC to transform it from a Terrorist Organization, which could be (secretly) Classified by United States — to a real Democratic Party, he is afraid to do so, since White House knows the History of Rawlings Faction of NDC, unless NDC Executives, led by the No-Nonsense “General Mosquito”, boldly dismiss J.J. Rawlings as the Party’s Founder, to enable United States to remove Rawlings’ Faction of NDC from its (Secret List) as a Pro-Terrorist Organization.
? ? ?”I will officially join NDC, the very day Flight Lieutenant (retired) Jerry John Rawlings, who murdered (Rear Admiral Joy Yao Amedume, an innocent Ewe), is dismissed as the Party’s Founder, and Major (retired) Boakye Djan is expelled from NDC, for executing (Okatakyie Akwasi Amankwa Afrifa, an innocent Asante, or innocent Akan”), said the World’s Most Fearless, Fair-Minded Politician, and Pan-Africanist Politician who has appealed to NDC to [end] its Savage Trade-Mark of Brutalities, Un-necessary Hatred, Discrimination, Inferiority-Complex Syndrome, Jealousy, and Politically-Motivated Persecutions against (innocent Ashantis, and innocent Residents in Ashanti Region), such as innocent Ewes, innocent Fantes, innocent Kwahus, innocent Brongs, innocent Dagombas, innocent Akyems, innocent Gonjas, innocent Akuapems, innocent Buems, innocent Krachis, innocent Kusasis, innocent Hausas, innocent Frafras, innocent Mamprusis, innocent Sisalas, innocent Nanumbas, innocent Moisis, innocent Konkombas, innocent Nzemas, innocent Denkyiras, etc, etc
? ? “As for Kufuor’s faction of NPP, even if Jesus Christ helps them like the way I have been helping them purely on the basis of their dedication to the Noble ideals, and ideas of Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, Human Rights Protection, and Civil Rights Protection, they (Kufuor’s Faction of NPP) are unfortunately, wickedly, and barbarically ungrateful towards me !!!”, said the Pan-Africanist Royal Ashanti, whose numerous Strategic ideas were implemented by former President John Agyekum Kufuor’s Government, yet was never paid even a Pesewa, and never given any Political Appointment, or Ambassadorial position, (wheareas even Rawlings’ brutal regime, which he strongly criticised, and still criticises, at least, tried to offer him a position as Ghana’s Ambassador to United States, when former Ghana’s Ambassador, Dr. Spio Garbral was offered Ministerial appointment, but he refused to accept the offer at that time, due to Rawlings Savage History of Bloodshed.
? ? “His Excellency, President John Mahama, is absolutely [not] wicked, and evil like Rawlings, and Boakye Djan, therefore I can join NDC even though I am 100% sure that the President is going to loose the Election Petition, [if] Ghana’s Supreme Court Justices dwell on Empirical Evidence, and the Constitution”, which is the Criteria in the Civilized New Millennium, instead of the ‘Dark Ages’ when there was no need for Empirical Evidence”, said the Fair-Minded Politician.
Once again, he said Ghana, and the whole World, including USA, could benefit from his impending Doctoral Dissertation on Modalities of Free and Fair Elections in solving Global conflicts of Election disputes — praising his School Mate, Dr. Sloj’s (“Theory of Solving Election Disputes”), named after Dr. Sloj Litofe, Ph.D., the Super Genious from Dr. Congo, and fellow Alumnus of the Prestigious University of Southern California (USC), — the “University of Spoiled Children”, known for producing Super Stars, and Legends, such as Neil Armstrong, (the first Man to walk on the Moon), and Actor John Wayne.
? ? ? “As soon as I complete my Doctoral Dissertation on (‘Political Equilibrium of Free and Fair Elections’), the whole World would benefit from Bullet Proof for Elections, to reduce Electoral violence, and disputes”, said the Scholar who has publicly appealed to Government Institutions, Private Organizations, especially, Democratic Organizations around the World, to provide him with Full Scholarship, or Grants to complete his Dissertation next year — cautioning that his Dissertation cannot be copied, or immitated without permission.
he strongly publicly urged Ghana to immediately amend its Constitution, to allow Electoral Petitions to be filed, and decisions rendered by Supreme Court, no more than Fourteen days, or Two Weeks after Elections are held, and secondly, to prevent Swearing-in of any Presidential Candidate, until the Supreme Court renders its decision, Fourteen (14) days after any Election.
The Fair-minded Intellectual Politician appealed to the incumbent President, His Excellency, John Mahama, and his Party (NDC) to present their evidence, or Election Data, not only to Ghana’s Supreme Court, but to the General Public, as NPP’s Communications Team have done, to enable Ghanaians around the World, and the International Community to Intellectually, analyse the Elections’ Data.
? ?”The Intelligence level of the Supreme Court Judges hearing the Election Petition, will definately be judged, or measured not only by Ghanaians Around the World, but by the International Community who have access to the evidence presented by the Parties Online”, said “Osagyefo Dr” Kwame Appiah Boateng, popularly known by Ghanaians around the World as “Kwame Mayor”.
The Politician appealed to Ghanaians around the World, and the International Community to Intellectually analyse the evidence presented by the Election Petitioners — Opposition NPP Flagbearer, Nana Akuffo Addo’s Legal Team, and the Defense presented by incumbent President, John Mahama’s Legal Team, and make their own fair decisions, before Ghana’s Supreme Court Judges display their level of Intelligence, and Fair-Mindness to the whole World to judge them, after they have issued their Verdict on Ghana’s “Gargantuan Election Petition”.
Source:?Uhuru Times


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