Pornhub to experiment with s*x in orbit next year


Pornhub, says it will find out for 'the love of science and sex'. So far the project has raised $1,017 (?655)

Pornhub, says it will find out for ?the love of science and sex?. So far the project has raised $1,017 (?655)

Plus, the zero-gravity aspect of spaceflight can swell the imagination and conjure up all sorts of erotic flights of fancy.

Now is hoping to thrust itself into the stratosphere by crowdfunding a porno that will be shot 68 miles above the Earth?s surface on a shuttle service like Virgin Galactic.

The ?Sexploration? campaign hopes to raise $3.4 million in the next 30 days via If the funding level is reached, Pornhub vice president Corey Price is shooting for a late 2016 release.

Pornhub is planning to send 'sextraunauts' into low-Earth orbit next year to film the first ever adult movie in space. Dubbed 'Sexplorations', the film will star porn actors Eva Lovia (left) and Johnny Sins (right)

Pornhub is planning to send ?sextraunauts? into low-Earth orbit next year to film the first ever adult movie in space. Dubbed ?Sexplorations?, the film will star porn actors Eva Lovia (left) and Johnny Sins (right)

?If all goes well, the schedule will include an entire six months of training for space travel for our crew and performers before we?re comfortable with launching them into space,? Price told The Huffington Post by email. ?We need to know all participants are sufficiently prepared for the rigors of space-age coital activity (as well as filming in or past the stratosphere).?

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins are the stars enlisted to make one small boink for porn and one giant money shot for mankind.

Lovia, 26, is particularly excited about the opportunity.

?The bragging rights alone are worth it,? she told The Huffington Post. ?We don?t know if any astronauts have had sex in space, so we?d be the first to publicly admit it.?

Surprisingly, this astronaughty has yet to get into the Mile High Club, much less do it 68 miles above Earth.

?I?ve never done it, mainly because the only place you can do it is in the bathroom ? and they?re disgusting!? she said. ?This will be a lot more sanitized, plus, we will have use of the whole plane, not just the bathroom.?

Price said the plan is to have Sins and Lovia go aboard a shuttle with a six-person film crew.

?The production of the video will begin when the spaceship takes flight. Filming will commence upon takeoff and as the ship climbs, so too will the lovemaking,? he said. ?As soon as the ship reaches its maximum altitude there will be weightlessness for at least a few minutes. Our actors will be having sex and climaxing within that time frame ?- ideally, of course.?

Besides raising funds, there are other kinks to be worked out before the space porn can be made, including dealing with any health risks in advance and retrofitting the camera equipment for the potential atmospheric changes.

?Thankfully, we have a very experienced production crew and directorial team to help make the money shot happen in a way that looks dynamic and revolutionary for viewers,? Price said.

Raising $3.4 million is a challenge for any crowdfunding campaign, much less one that involves explicit sexual activity.

Then there is the nagging problem of whether private space travel companies like Virgin Galactic or SpaceX would agree to allow their shuttles to be used in the first place, much less be willing to clean up the mess afterwards.

Neither Virgin Galactic nor Space X have responded to press inquiries, but Pornhub press rep Mike Williams insists the company is currently in talks with a number of private space travel companies.

?Because of the nature of our endeavor, we aren?t really able to disclose the details of those talks just yet for fear that that would risk unnecessary fallout from the aforementioned parties.?

If the campaign succeeds and the first porn gets shot in space, the challenges are just beginning for Lovia and Sins, according to experts who?ve studied the particulars of getting it on in outer space.

?Sex is very difficult in zero gravity, apparently, because you have no traction and you keep bumping against the walls,? biologist Athena Andreadis of the University of Massachusetts Medical School told in 2011. ?Think about it: you have no friction, you have no resistance.?

Lovia is thinking about other aspects of the endeavor including an unprintable quote about how she?s looking forward to dealing with a floating money shot.

She also is thinking about what to do for an encore should this (e)mission succeed.

?I?m thinking about deep sea exploration,? she said.


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